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Morning Anti-Aging Skincare Routine Update! Heather Newman

It takes a freakin' village ya'll!!! Seriously - this age 50+ anti aging thing - I'm researching on the daily and studying the ingredients so we can understand what is a big waste of money and what actually dives in an works!

I was a serious sun worshiper until the age of 40! I stopped! I had to - self-tanner here I come!

It's time to take care of my skin and I had to get serious about it! I'm gonna make this as easy to follow as possible and provide you with all of the SERIOUS CLICKABLE LINKS of the products that I am currently obsessed with - that are working (for now) for me like a champ!

Please share any and all that you find helpful with me over on the gram at

Now, let's dive in...shall we?!

Oh before I get to the OUTSIDE STUFF don't forget about the inside too - I am loving the results I've seen with my collagen in my water and smoothies! see here

For a full summary you can view my online catalog where I save my current MUST HAVES by clicking here

1. I start my morning routine by washing my face with THIS FACE WASH

2. I then proceed to use my NuFace and the conducting gel primer with a paint brush while I listen to a morning motivation podcast or plug into a youtube video for 10 minutes. I use this by dividing my face into 3 sections - right side, left side and then top

3. I then wash the gel off using my wonder cloth (luv) - then i blot dry with these fabulous micro fiber face towels

4. I just got this amazing mini fridge for all of my serums and it makes my routine feel like i'm actually at a day spa in the morning - it helps with puffiness and it keeps my expensive serums from going bad quickly - and i don't have to put my skincare items with the food in the kitchen fridge - it's tiny enough to keep on your vanity or countertop and did i mention how super cute it is?? it's adorable - do you have one?

5. I now apply my timeless drops - 5-7 avoiding my eyelids and my lips as it is an acid.

6. Then I apply this amazing soft ordinary lactic acid (currently using 5%) 5-7 drops - again not on my eyelids or my lips and I have to avoid my neck with this one.

7. Then I apply timeless Q10 (all over) neck too - 5-7 drops

8. Daily Moisturizer is next - i've been using this for years and I cannot find anything that works better for me - 3 pumps

9. Then I apply all over my hands, neck and face and ears - Alpha lotion

10. SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN - I mix these together and let them set for 20 minutes before applying makeup (if i'm wearing makeup that day) - i've been trying not to put on makeup on the days that I don't go out - it just helps keep my skin feeling fresh and keeps the pores cleaner! I love the feeling after I do my morning and night anti - aging routines - i like to keep my face feeling FRESH - !!!

a-- my fav

i mix 2 of the 3 together daily!! THIS IS A MUST and don't forget your neck, ears, chest and backs of hands ladies!! :)

I hope you found this helpful. Please let me know if you'd like me to keep you posted on these routines and include my NIGHT TIME ROUTINE as well. Feedback is always welcome on my instagram or snapchat - you know where to find me. Be sure to click the little yellow button and SUBSCRIBE HERE TO MY BLOG so you don't miss any updates - I love talking all things LADY with you!!!

xoxo, Heather


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