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MOtivation :101 - It Starts with Confidence ! Heather Newman

What do you want out of the ONE LIFE that God's GIVEN YOU?

This might surprise you,but in order to go after the amazing life God has for you, you must have confidence!

Your confidence determines what you pursue and how you pursue it.

Confidence changes everything!!

Many people miss out on their BEST LIFE because they struggle with fear, insecurity, doubt and worry!

You really do get what you expect out of life. If you expect to be declined, rejected, alone or will. Your expectations are a direct result of your confidence or lack of it. Let me say that again------you get what you expect!

Your level of confidence affects every area of your life.

-The career you choose

-The relationships you pursue

-The way you carry yourself

-The way you communicate

-The amount of money you make

-Even your relationship with God

So, how do you get more confidence? Let me try and explain.....

I used to be that quiet shy and slightly insecure girl. You'd be amazed at the transformation that has taken place in me. I am not the same fearful person I used to be.

When you are insecure, you are not safe from evil attacks. Remember the enemy (whoever that is for you) loves weakness and will do their best to absolutely destroy any confidence or self-esteem you may have. Why? It's all in an effort to keep you back from doing what your life is meant for.


A lack of confidence and insecurity is rooted in fear. Fear will limit you and hold you back from the success you desire. It's fear that says, "You're not good enough, not thin enough, not smart enough, not worthy enough, not educated enough, or not likable enough to succeed."

There are many reasons why a person becomes insecure. Whether it's from being put down, made fun of, abused, rejected, betrayed, or abandoned, a spirit of fear (timidity, insecurity) can enter a person at a very young age.

People who are insecure expect to be cheated, rejected and depreciated in life. Their view of themselves only validates what happens later.

I want you to take strategic steps that will enable you to step out of your comfort zone and go for your dreams and fulfill your purpose.

Isn't it time you defeat any and all insecurities holding you back?

I want you to know it's never too late to become the confident person you are meant to be.

Outward changes are important but real confidence is developed from the inside out. Your life will never change until your THINKING CHANGES. When you start thinking different, you will see the results around you.

START BUILDING YOUR CONFIDENCE TODAY! As you begin to change on the inside, the way you carry yourself on the outside will change too.


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