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My Fitness Hacks: How to get motivated to workout | Heather Newman

Today we are going to talk about working out - all of my fitness hacks - how to get motivated.....

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Let's be for real, not everyone wants to workout every day - we all have bad days - YES EVEN ME - when I don't teach BARRE and hang with my BarreBabes or when I'm not in full blown BOOTYCAMP mode with my online squad, sometimes i'm not so motivated to get moving...either!

If I wait too late during the day to get my workout in - it just won't happen, period. So I know what you are thinking - well, i have to get to work and i don't have time to get in a workout before work, HONESTLY - this is just an excuse - meaning you are not making it a priority - PERIOD. I highly suggest trying to wake up one hour earlier - even if you don't workout for an hour (i workout for :30 minutes a day from my home gym) - it's not easy at first but it's my number one HACK TO GET ER' DONE! Start setting your alarm one hour earlier and if that's too big of a stretch, try setting it :15 minutes earlier and just wake enough time to get some jumping jacks in and some crunches or 3-4 planks at minimum to start this new earlier workout habit. It will set the tone for your entire day - trust me on this one!

But, Heather, I am just NOT A MORNING PERSON!!! Hold up, gf or dude, I got you!!! I have gone from the girl who could not get out of the bed before 9am ever - the snooze was hit 4 times minimum and I just would not want to get up - trust me - to the girl who wakes up at 6am every single day!!! So how in the world did I do that right? MY BIGGEST TIP is to have the RIGHT SET UP! And what I mean by the right set up is this:

#1 - Do not sleep with your phone right next to your bed!

and if you don't have this APP - I'M PRETTY SURE YOU NEED IT - CHECK IT OUT!

it's called Alarmy app and it makes you get up and do something for the alarm to stop - it is super cool and perfect for the snooze master!

#2 - Another great item to invest in is a SUNRISE ALARM CLOCK - if you don't have this, I highly suggest you try this type of alarm clock - it's the perfect solution!

Those are my best two tips to waking up earlier and getting your day off on the right track! This small change in habit is LIFE-CHANGING - honestly - it takes a little bit to get adjusted but once you do, you'll never want to waste your life away in the bed again.

My next tip is to take some PRE-WORKOUT! Get something pumping in you right away to get started on the right HAPPY FOCUSSED PATH to get it done! This version that I drink is CLEAN AND HEALTHY - I won't talk about other companies and other products but i've done my research and this is MY GO TO - if you are a coffee drinker, that might work for you - My Unicorn Juice is DELICIOUS!!! JUST get something to get your blood flowing. One scoop does it for me.

Next, blast your music!! Find your very own power song - and let that be your GO TO song - your go to JAM! The workout can actually be the thing that gets you going -

What I do is livestream my workout online with all of my BFF's in my FIT GYM ONLINE - we have a secret link and while I'm setting up - I blast my music and drink my unicorn juice

Music is a great way to get you pumped up

Another great tip is HAVING CUTE WORKOUT CLOTHES - I know that sounds crazy right - well, it can make a bad workout or no workout - a REALLY GOOD WORKOUT YOU GUYS!!! The magic is in the little things that make us happy!!

Whenever you hit a particular goal that you've set for yourself, maybe reward yourself with a new pair of yoga pants or tennis shoes - whatever lights your spark ya know!

Do not base things off of the freaking scale, base it off of HOW YOU FEEL!! i highly recommend taking progress photos every single day - it is truly the only way I can see change happening in my body during each and every program!

Bribe yourself with some cool fitness gear. If you plank longer for 10 days straight or if you finish a 21 day workout program - REWARD YOURSELF and let it NOT BE ABOUT FOOD!!!

If you wear something you are proud to wear for a workout, it's such a big deal. It puts your mood in a different state. Forever 21 has some great GYM CLOTHES that are reasonable on pricing!! Gym Shark is also another brand that is not so expensive.

Pull out your workout outfit the night before. That way it's grab and go!! No hesitation in the morning!

Last and final tip: Have gear to workout with. My workouts, don't require workout gear typically to simplify everything....but workout bands (those can travel with me) you can grab some off of amazon!

The consistency will become a habit and the lack of motivation will go away because it will be ingrained. But know that the "days of not wanting to" will never go away but you get results by sticking to it even on the days you don't want to.

Let me know if you have any tips and tricks how you stay on track and get up early to get a workout in ON THE DAILY!!

xx, H


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