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YOGA part 1: My Journey with Yoga: A Personal Decision WHY I DO NOT PRACTICE YOGA




PSS::: My Journey with Yoga: A Personal Decision: it's a NO for me! And that's ok. This is MY PERSONAL experience and story. We are all on our journey's and they are all different - but when I find something that shocks me to my core, I am going to share it - again it's my personal story. Not as an influencer, not as a trainer but as a human who is firm in my own beliefs without judgment of others.




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I hope this post finds you well. I wanted to share a personal update about my fitness journey, specifically regarding my decision to step away from practicing traditional yoga 5 years ago.

Over the past 8 years, I've delved into various wellness practices and fitness routines, searching for what resonates most with me. While yoga has been celebrated for its physical and mental benefits, my research led me to some aspects that raised concerns for me personally.

I've come across several references highlighting yoga as not just a physical exercise but also a spiritual ritual. Although I fully respect and appreciate the spiritual dimensions of various practices, I have chosen to step away from yoga forever due to my reservations about the spiritual aspects associated with it.

Here are five points that influenced my decision years ago:

  1. Yoga as a Spiritual Ritual: Numerous sources suggest that yoga is rooted in spiritual traditions, encompassing more than just physical postures. Some practitioners view it as a spiritual ritual, and while I respect diverse beliefs, I personally feel more aligned with practices that focus solely on physical well-being.

  2. Opening Portals: There are perspectives that certain yoga poses are believed to open up spiritual portals. As someone who values a sense of groundedness, I prefer fitness practices that don't involve potential exposure to spiritual elements beyond my comfort zone.

  3. Energetic Flow: Some references discuss the idea of energy flow during yoga and its connection to spiritual realms. For my fitness routine, I'm leaning towards practices that solely emphasize physical strength and flexibility without delving into the metaphysical.

  4. Cultural Appropriation Concerns: In my research, I encountered discussions around the cultural appropriation of yoga. While I understand that many people practice yoga respectfully, these concerns have led me to explore fitness avenues that feel culturally neutral and inclusive.

  5. Personal Comfort Zone: Ultimately, I've chosen to prioritize my personal comfort zone and align my fitness routine with practices that I resonate with on a purely physical level. I enjoy stretching all day long, especially utilizing the barre and a strap, which provide the flexibility and strength training I seek without the spiritual aspects.

I believe that everyone's fitness journey is unique, and I encourage everyone to explore and discover what resonates most with them.

I will note some videos for you to watch if you'd like to take a deeper dive into some instructors and participants that have stepped away from the practice and others who have experienced effects. Video 6 is my favorite to share. (there are plenty more stories if you want to dive into it more)

Again, I am not a Yoga coach or a BIKINI powerlifter BUT THIS IS A PERSONAL STORY not to influence but to share why I CHOOSE not to practice it.

Warm regards,


video 1

video 2

video 3

video 4

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you can read more here ---> click here

video 5

video 6

When i dived into NEW AGE - i had to ask what is discernment and how do we know how to use this. (below is copied from dictionary)

(below is copied from a resource document - not my personal publication)

I just didn't know so I wanted to share incase others didn't know or never heard this either - do your own research - for me it's spiritual - i practice HIS WORD and am always a student - never the expert but I stand firm in my decision - it's what is best for me personally. I do not coach yoga, i am not certified in yoga nor do i claim to be an expert in this field.


below is copied and posted from this article click here




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