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My official 2.5 YEAR Coaching anniversary! And What is team BEACHBODY?

2.5 years ago — the date was actually August 28, 2017—I can't even believe it. 2.5 years ago And I took a leap of faith that changed my life. I had no clue what I was in for. I just knew that there was an avenue for me to provide quality supplements to my clients that I was already training but I didn’t have a quality nutrition program to share.

It feels like just yesterday that I made the decision to sign up as a quiet Beachbody Coach and start what I thought would be a small side hobby. I don’t consider myself a bleed blue kind of coach. I’ve created my OWN brand & online fit business but I am a distributor for the Beachbody performance line and I back all of our trainers 110%, they are the elite top in their class!!!

August 28th was the day.

I was nervous, very skeptical, and unsure of this whole thing... but I figured, "What do I have to loose?" Hopefully some weight!!!

All I knew was that I needed something. I needed a change and some sort of hope. The person I was two and a half years ago is soooo far from who I've become today. I was very Fit-lost, lacked Some self-confidence, I had no idea what personal development was about, low energy, bloated, I just wanted to feel better. That high energy again. I wanted to continue teaching fitness classes and I wanted to continue doing my Fitness Challenges but I was hoping I could help out a little bit more financially For my family. We had big goals for our boys and we wanted to make sure we provided them with top-of-the-line education!

My lowest points were the days I'd be so tired, bored, unfocused and unmotivated that I would just end up falling asleep watching TV. I had also just been uncertain about thyroid issues and other aging things going on in my changing body. I knew something had to be done. I decided to start working out at home with It changed my world.

Wait, I can push my coffee table out-of-the-way and work out in my slippers and my robe if I really want to??? I was hooked! No driving to the gym, didn’t have to worry about my hair and make up, I could literally just walk over to the computer and press play!!

I worked out daily and as I started sharing and documenting my journey, I saw how many others weren’t so different from me. I helped them get set up and see results like I did. That was when I knew.. I could do this coaching thing! I already was  I just wasn't getting paid, Lol!

I feel like 2.5 years later I've completely come full circle. I'm in the best shape of my life, working out to the newest version of BARRE and feeling 100% more confident, I discovered my inner leader, and managed to build this thriving business all from home and online. 

When I sit back and think of how fast this has already gone by and how much growth I've seen not only in my business but in my life and my health...

It all started that day when I made a decision, took that leap of faith, and committed to changing my life. I'm unbelievably grateful for this opportunity and the people I get to build this dream life with.

If you're interested in living a life by your own design, shoot me an email at and we'll start a little conversation :)

Fill out your application here: www.JOINNOLAFIT.COM


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