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omiGOD !!! I WROTE ANOTHER BOOK FOR U....well, it's a book that you write the beginning, middle and ending to!! My 2nd quarter Unleash Journal will be on the shelves in Barnes & Noble APRIL 30TH, UNLEASH YOUR INNER SPARKLE Daily Journal, [PINK EDITION] is officially available for PRE-ORDER.

i have spent the last 3 years working on 3 BIG PROJECTS, chapters outlines, proposals, interviews, research, emails, writing, editing, designing, QUARANTINING & WRITING MORE, setting up a fun plan & studying. NO FLUFF, just everything that has helped me get where I am today in every area of my life! Life can be so overwhelming SOOO u know i had to create a super fun, productive, easy to use & cute BARBIE PINK resource.

not only will u love the flow of this journal but, it's cute enough that u will want it on your coffee table too. it's cute, it's bubble gum pink, it is a super momma tool for brain-dumping...& IT'S FULL OF VALUE.

SO who is this SUPER CUTE BUBBLE GUM Unleash Journal for? well, YOU- DUH. but mostly it's for anyone who's curious about the how to create better habits, how to get focussed on the things you really want, how to stay consistent, how to start your day on the right POSITIVE foot, how to change for the better, how to GROW from the inside out, how to TURN YOUR MESS into a message to help others, how to stay on task, how to be more organized, how to keep yourself in check -

--- all in one. think of it ur personal RESOURCE- to UNLEASH YOUR INNER SPARKLE---at ur service

LINK IN BIO ON INSTAGRAM - or go to barnes & noble website to grab your PINK UNLEASH COPY first! COMING APRIL 30TH - pre-sales going on now! ---> CLICK THE ORDER NOW BUTTON HERE OR USE THIS LINK:





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