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If you have a passion for health & fitness, and helping others get in to the best shape of their lives, I like to think this is the place to start.

I'm hosting a new tiny Coaching Mentorship, simply put, not only deals with how to become an effective coach, it deals with the steps I’ve taken to become a well-regarded health & fitness brand.

This isn’t about teaching you to sell… no, no! This is really about leveraging a sincere desire to make a positive impact on your network to create a fruitful business, both economically & emotionally! If you are not interested, I'd love for you to share this with someone who just "CAME INTO YOUR MIND" that might be perfect!

I always segregate coaching in to three main parts:

Inspire, provide a solution, support.


The first step to encouraging somebody to enact a healthy lifestyle, is to get creative and inspire them! 

Provide a solution:

This is where Coaching comes in! My world class programs are second to none and best of all, they’re real! This isn’t a magic pill, or some ambiguous solution. You’re providing the ones you inspire with a real solution that will require THEY SWEAT for their results! 


Once your solution is accepted, this is where your ability to motivate and hold accountable kicks in. You will ensure that your customer is focused on executing their workouts daily and following their meal plan. In the mentorship, we’ll talk about how we leverage the NOLA FIT Challenge to hold our customers and clients accountable! 

How do I join the BootCamp?

If you’re ready to take a leap in to the world of Virtual Online Health coaching, GREAT!

To be eligible for the mentorship, you’ll make your participation official by going through the registration process on my website and sign up to the team!  Click Here to Sign up as a Coach on the Team

WHAT IF YOU ARE ALREADY A COACH or are a customer on another team- but you want to switch over TO TEAM NOLA FIT?

my coach id is 1502854


** Please feel free to E-MAIL me if you are having any trouble signing up What exactly is the COACH BOOTCAMP?

Why does it work? In Team NOLA FIT we focus on helping you establish your goals and immediately go after them!

We will identify your short term and long term goals, and get you into our private training group just for coaches and figure out exactly what action steps you need to be taking in each day to live the life of your dreams.  As a starting point, upon signing up, you will receive a welcome email and video from me.

This will include the top 5 things to start focusing on right away, your access to the MENTORSHIP online platform and basically everything you need to get started right! Because everyone is different and everyone works at a different pace, I created the online MENTORSHIP Platform for you to login at your convenience and watch as much training as you want, whenever you want.  During the MENTORSHIP, you will be following modules that will ensure you have the best possible resources for starting and running your coaching business.  

The Modules include: Time Management- No matter how much time you have Innovation - creating the best support for your customers  Marketing - branding you Sales - how to talk to people with a sincere intent to help-WE DON'T SELL, we provide solutions and coaching Optimization - double your business in the next 6 months Build your team - turning challengers into coaches *** There are also a few bonus modules including: Getting started right - Everything you need to know to get going

Social Media - I explain how I got to over 25K social media dream fans on FB & Instagram as well as the best practices on all social media platforms (this is forever changing and evolving)

Webinars and calls - from our Team and other leaders in the business

Coach tools - a library of tools for you to use in your business You also gain access to my EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE COACH and FIT GYM group - This will allow you to have a firsthand view of exactly how to support customer and what a coach does. The structure of the Challenge group is available for you to use for your customers! My commitment & guarantee We are going to spend the next couple of week’s together ♥ You will start to see your business grow within the first 30 days. You will be starting your workout program so you should start sharing your journey along the way. During the NOLA FIT mentorship, I will give you 100% if you show me you are in it. If you walk, I walk beside you, if you jog, i jog beside you, if you want to run with me - i'm running girl! I want you to know now: ANY and ALL success you achieve in your business is all created by YOU! This is your business. I am here for support whenever you need me but I am not your boss. I will not push the unwilling and unmotivated. 

I ask that you give this 100% , check in and give it your all just like you started a potential million dollar business.....because, guess what? You just did!!! If you would like extra accountability, but you aren’t ready for the intensity of a Mentorship, That is totally OK!  You will receive my help, and also be added to our private year-round FIT GYM accountability group on Facebook or on the APP if you prefer mobile. If you ever decide you would like to try the mentorship after a few months, you are always welcome! Fill out the Form HERE or shoot me an email to Apply for the COACHING MENTORSHIP/BOOTCAMP♥



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