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Oh we are talking the REAL STUFF! I am fully aware that this one is not going to be to everyone's liking but I'm here to bring some TRUTH as a digital soldier and I JUST WANT YOU TO BECOME MORE CURIOUS - ask more questions!

You deserve answers!!!

Over on my Healthy News Group Me App and Telegram, we discuss everything - nothing is OFF LIMITS - and we don't judge! It's about growing, learning, investigating and seeking TRUTH!

There is so much - it can be overwhelming but i've been on this journey since 2018 and boy oh boy is there a world of THINGS GOING ON IN OUR WORLD that the Media refuses to cover. What happened to real journalist? Were they all paid hush money or what?

If you hang out with me and dig a little deeper - you'll find the TRUTH YOU SEEK! I promise you that!

Let's start with this video and then i'll share what I'm talking about on the newest episode of #getUnstuck Podcast..... This military guy is sharing an interview with a MADERMA bio chemist who is fully aware of what the JAB is being injected into hundreds, thousands of people daily........ What I want you to pay attention to is the RNA part of this equation.......... that explains what MRNA actually is -not what the news and google want you to think it actually is!! GOOGLE DOESN'T TELL YOU THE TRUTH - GOOGLE IS A DATA COLLECTOR.

Ok, check this guy out.......


Now that you hear that - let that sink in a bit.

Ok, so let's get to the NEW PODCAST that was just uploaded for a dose of HEALTHY NEWS!!

Get curious as to what is actually going on around us. We are technically at war. A spiritual war. You can click the photo below to get to episode #39 - it's the one I just recorded. Excuse the GAP in the editing - I had to cut out my DOGS and a bit of chaos that happened during recording - i'll fill you in on that in the next episode so be sure you are subscribed to the #getUnstuck Podcast.

I'm going to list some links below that I encourage you to start here with some research just to OPEN UP YOUR MIND, USE LOGIC, ..... GET CURIOUS - QUESTION EVERYTHING....

We are not being told the truth. We have to find it for ourselves.

  1. Please make sure you check out this BLOG POST REGARDING THE FACE DIAPERS!! You are not going to believe what is in these things!!! CLICK HERE

2. Here is part 2 to the blog above.... CLICK HERE


Do not rely on GOOGLE ANYMORE!

Who owns google?

Who you should use to break behind the WALL and really get the truth without FILTERING FROM the RESTRICTION and get to the truth:



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