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We are getting close to the END OF THE MONTH ALREADY - can you believe it? .......which means this is a great time to revisit the goals you made at the beginning of the month and the beginning of this year!. Sharing your goals or writing them down makes you more likely to stick to them. so what are some of your goals heading into April? it could be something as simple as increasing your water consumption and doing more “movement/walking” on your active recovery days. Head to our WHAT'S NEW tab on the website for EVERYTHING we have to help you reach your goals and become an official TONE-BABE, PUSH COACH, Influencer, Tone-Babe VIP MEMBER or maybe even a BRAND NEW SKINNY-SHRED BABE! With out brand new SKINNY SHRED 7 DAY COURSE to help you drop those lbs fast for a great kick in the BOOOOOOOTY!

Scroll down to the very bottom of this post to LEARN MORE DETAILS ON THIS SKINNY SHRED to see if it's right for you.

IT'LL GET YOU ON TRACK TO HIT THOSE GOALS - FOR SURE! Plus you'll feel better with more energy and you can start on ANY MONDAY - it's on sale right now $30 OFF (NO CODE NEEDED).........

LET'S LOOK OVER all the options to help you reach your goals, from home, on your time and on your terms to make it a FIT - LIFESTYLE FOR YOU BABE - (click the WHAT'S NEW TAB)


The official RE-launch of our 32-WEEK TONE VIP BEGINNERS 101 program in January has been a hit here at -- This program is included complimentary to all active memberships! Also, BEGINNERS 101, PILATES 101, LIFTING 101, Nutrition plans, Macro Machine Pretty Eating Program are ALL INCLUDED to all active TONE VIP MEMBERS!!! BEGINNERS101: 32-WEEK LEVEL UP PROGRAM was our first-ever program released when we first opened our business in March of 2020--these amazing additional programs are just a continuation of this foundational program, so check out these programs if it feels like the right step forward for you right now!



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