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New Podcast: Episode 12: 100 days to Brave: days 3 & 4

If you haven't ever listened to my podcast, I highly encourage you to start making it a part of your routine. I will be recording podcasts on Fridays thru the end of 2019 regarding all of the topics you've sent me. I'm so honored to answer all of your questions via this social platform so that you can listen on your way to work, while putting on your makeup or when you just need a little POSITIVE energy in your corner! Make sure you subscribe to #getUnstuck with Heather Newman on Itunes or thru my website here!

Today's podcast is from one of my favorite devotional books of all time. I'm actually on day 55 with my FIT CLUB GROUP BUT i'm sharing days 3 & 4 with you. It's about following your calling and following thru to your commitments to yourself. When you commit to YOU - you gain more confidence. Stop quitting on YOU!

I believe in you!

Listen to podcast Episode 12 here: Please leave me your feedback!

Have a great weekend! xx Heather


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