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new podcast Episode 17: Get where you WANT to be - Fast track to SUCCESS - get Clarity on your Life!

Do you have trouble figuring out where you really want to go in business or in your personal life? Or do you know where you wish to be but you can't figure out the steps to actually get there?  Do you want to keep reliving the same year after year or are you ready to start making small changes today to change the direction of your business and life?  If this is you, then this episode is exactly what you need to hear. I’m sharing stories and how to get clarity of tools that my team, clients and myself used to take major action even when we didn’t know the exact steps to get there. I talk about the power of your pen to your paper and keeping a #getUnstuck journal that will allow you to pivot as you try new things and figure out what works and what doesn't. At the end, I dish how you can get some print outs that will be quite a way to launch your mind into a new direction.  IT's simple baby steps but these little changes will make long term changes in a positive way.  Let's do it, let's take some messy action right now to gain clarity and momentum and stop feeling stuck where you are.

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