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New Podcast is Live: Episode 15: How to start in Health & fitness: Where to make change happen!

Episode 15 is LIVE NOW! If you are not sure where or how to start making change happen in your life. You need a push, just a little nudge, you won't want to miss this one! X,HN


You can subscribe here on my PODCAST BLOG at or you can find #getUnstuck with Heather Newman on Itunes!

If you see this, If it hits home, If you are here, If this was the perfect title in perfect timing.... DOWNLOAD this episode for the energy you need to FINALLY MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN.  To get started somewhere in health and fitness.  It's baby steps but this is where you can start!  I share my tips and invite you to join my next shake the weight challenge group personally!  I'm sharing my personal struggles and how I made my MIND shift and make change happen!  WHY NOT YOU?  Let's get you to a HAPPY, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.....  Subscribe to so you don't miss my next Episode.  Please be sure the check out my new book and Join my PodSquad facebook group. You can find me at Instagram at GlitterU and on YouTube!  X,HN  


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