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New Workout, New Podcast and an Online Mini Workshop to get you on track! Heather Newman Fitness

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Staying consistent with your workout is pivotal in keeping both your mental and physical health resilient. We adapt to life circumstances as best we can by adjusting routines—not compromising them. Classes in our Online Studio are available for all fitness levels at any time, meaning you can show up for your health how you can, when you can each day.

To make it easy, you can join our SUMMER SHRED 30-Day workout for absolutely FREE!!??

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click the workout now button below to try the SUMMER SHRED WORKOUT!

Enter your email address then click the little yellow button that says🌟 “get it now” 🌟and you’ll gain access to unlock a private full 30-DAY library with ALL the resources you need to get started!!!


HAVE TO TRIED THE COMBO of our Tone Online Studio workouts and the Detox Workbook, healthy eating and recipe guide? It's a MAGIC COMBO that really can jumpstart your habits and your metabolism!

Check them both out here TONE ONLINE STUDIO + BOOK

If you are stumped where to begin changing your eating habits - this guide is the perfect place to start. Try it for 3-5-7 days and you will feel less bloating, more energy and have the perfect grocery list to follow. Everything is super easy to follow - I give you everything you need besides your groceries. You can plan out all of your healthy meals using the recipes I give you with a plug-in method. It's so easy to follow time and time again. I don't recommend it on Kindle. I totally want you to hold on to this guide for your GO TO method when you need to get back on track. It's so effective and easy to follow.


If you are stumped in your workouts - and want that extra personal CUSTOMIZED PLAN to get results - join us here in the ONLINE STUDIO and reward yourself with prizes!! Click the workout now button below to see the SPECIALS we have going on right now and see the WELCOME VIDEO and learn more about the TONE ONLINE STUDIO if it will be the perfect solution for you!

Your LIFE is a DIRECT reflection of the EXPECTATIONS of your peer group!

When I heard this, it really drove thoughts home. LIKE WOW, this is what I preach to my young adult boys!!

I remember growing up and hanging around some before I started my health and fitness journey.....they were actually a bit toxic for my liking but I didn't know any better, I was so young. My peer group didn't have the same values as I did and how I was holding MYSELF back by being around certain groups that I didn't really fit in with.

If you are around people who are not pushing you to be your absolute best and possibly holding you to a higher standard and you want more in life, now is the time to reevaluate your peer group.

That means online and in person.

Take a moment to reflect on your peer group and what they are adding or taking from your goals.

This podcast episode might help you if this resonates with you CLICK HERE TO LISTEN AND BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE WHILE YOU ARE THER - I would REALLY appreciate it if you'd leave me a REVIEW - it helps me reach other too!!! (thank you)


NEW GOODIES - to help you develop habits to GET YOUR LIFE where you want it to go!!

You don't want to miss out!

click the pink button below to see all the options (some are free) for you to start sticking with the things you want to in life and see results!!! I hold nothing back here!

protein waffles recipe
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Print my favorite protein waffles recipe button for PDF



Be sure to print out your 5 Daily Detox MOVES below - it's a great way to start your day!

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Love, Heather



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