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Obesity & heavily medicated: always sick, daily headaches! Sound familiar?

Not my typical type of email or post but it's been flooding my inbox and feed lately.

FAR TOO MANY.....So many women struggling with the internal dialogue that goes along with being obese, being heavily medicated for depression and anxiety. Women feeling uncomfortable in their very own skin. Withdrawn from the people and world around them, including their own spouse. Always feeling sick. Having zero energy, struggling with being intimate because of how they feel about themselves, avoiding social gatherings, avoiding photos and deleting them or hiding behind other people. Fighting back the tears in the dressing room and completely ashamed of the unhealthy example they are setting for their family and kids. Using food and wine to feel good!!!

And then - one day - something CLICKS!!!

You make a decision. You decide that you are WORTH SO MUCH MORE. That you are worth living life differently.

Forget about what the scale says or what the jeans say, what matters is that you deserve to FEEL like you deserve to FEEL!!! It's gonna take some work, of course, but that's where the beauty happens. In the journey to CHOOSE how you will start a new DECADE!!! You get to decide whether you're going to do whatever it takes to become the happiest healthiest version of yourself or just keep living life like you are.

Don't you think you deserve to know how good LIFE CAN FEEL?

If you need help, I would be honored to walk along side of you!



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