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Only a FULL FREAKING MONTH since I've taught a BARRE CLASS!!! I am feeling a lot better but my breath is still a bit of a challenge at times. The heart takes a long time to heal itself from stress and inflammation but i've been trained for this stuff! We kick off "HEART100" in September and it's going to be 100 days of cardio health, healing and strength for every age, for every fitness level (even newbies)... All of the info can be found in my IG bio @glitterU - the waitlist for the early bird special pricing in filling up fast - I'm so excited to HELP you get stronger too! >>>>> from the inside and then it will in turn reflect on the outside!

>>>>>>> on another note, fall is just around the corner and that's when I always like to kick my big mesh ball of FASHION, FITNESS & STYLE into one bit pumpkin spice ball of FUN ON THE BLOG! Be sure you are subscribed at because I'm letting loose with all the goodies that I love - I'm purging my closet on poshmark and I'm making room for some items that have been on my radar for far too long!

Once we complete HEART100 and we are all moving our GOOD ENERGY in the right direction, answering our calling to our higher PURPOSE IN THIS AWESOME LIFE WE GET TO LIVE......I will be sharing the handful of goodies that I will need your help choosing between ((there are so many cute adorable fun fitness fashion items that I am in love with)) >>>> i will need help with your personal favorites!! Shop my looks by following me on the @shop.ltk app or by clicking the link in my IG bio @glitterU!

click here for HEART100 DETAILS AND WAITLIST!! ((Get ready to recalibrate AND PUSH to a HEALTHY HEART.... join waitlist to be the FIRST IN THE KNOW, click here)):

SHOP MY LOOKS HERE >>>>> BE SURE TO FOLLOW AND DOWNLOAD THE APP!! Follow my shop on the @shop.LTK app to shop this post and get my exclusive app-only content!


link here >>>>>>


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