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One question for you...

I have ONE question for you!


Why not you?

This message is to the woman who feels lost. This message is to the woman who isn’t sure what the future brings and she’s letting life dictate every single day just rolling with the punches.

This message is to the woman who feels alone.

This message is to the woman who is not happy in the exact place that she’s at, she’s thirsting for something more but she can’t figure out how to pick herself up and get out of that place!!

My dream board group doesn’t mean that you already have it figured out, 🤷🏼‍♀️ that’s the whole purpose of this tiny workshop is to light that fire and make you feel whole again!

The purpose is to ignite some of the things that you have let crumble on the inside!

To some this may seem very extreme but to the people who need to hear this, this tiny workshop will change your life forever!


Sometimes the holidays can make people cheery and other times it can put you in a downward spiral

not this year SATIN!!! ✌🏼


I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN DREAM at any age!! you can pick your chin up and have something to look forward to, we can do this together and make 2020 a better year than the last one! Why not you? You are sooo worth it gf!!

My DREAM BIG tiny workshop creates an emotional connection that really motivates you! Why haven’t you joined? Are you scared that you can’t do it? Are you intimidated that everyone in there has it figured out? That’s not the case! that’s WHY this might be exactly what your supposed to be reading right now.

Today’s the last day to sign up!

LAST CALL is Today!!

We start today—- online !



Forget about the law of attraction, my group motivates the #### out of you.

I’m sharing all the tools you need in my private Facebook group that starts today!

Don’t worry, if the timing is not right for you—-> all of the information will be there for you when you are ready!!! all you need to do is lock in your spot! 🔗 you can do it on your own time.

I show you how to also link 🔗 the emotions connected with your goals and the sensory experience of it all. If you’re not sure what your goals are, I help you unleash that too!! I know you want 2020 to be your best year ever!!

- is only as beneficial as the work you’re willing to put into it, so let’s really dig in and make it as thorough, exciting, and detailed as possible.

I cannot wait to get started and share this with you ... it’s my favorite annual project of the year!!!!


Check your email today babe!! I got you ✌🏼

((You do not have to be a member of my team, you can actually be another coach or trainer, you are all invited!))

Join here👇🏼✌🏼


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