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OVERWHELMED??? You are NOT ALONE. Not one bit!

Last week I heard from more people about how they think they might be or feel like they are overwhelmed...more than I usually do.

And to be very honest......I even shared with my COMMUNITY how last week I had a few days of overwhelm. And I also gave them tips on what I do when I feel that way.

When you cannot shake it.....go for a walk, walk the dog, listen to a Brené Brown podcast......... something to help you shake it.

It's not just overwhelming to live in a pandemic, it's overwhelming while also trying to make your MAGIC HAPPEN ....

Ya'll we are not made to be in this STATE for this long.

I am literally pretty strong when it comes to LIFE CHALLENGES....but even those of us who can create and inspire are NOT MEANT TO DO IT FOR 7+ MONTHS!!!!

SO YES, while this is all so overwhelming....please go listen to her podcast (i'll email you the link if you reach out) and then ask yourself if you need to be doing the things you are doing? If yes, do they have to be done by you are can some of them be delegated?

Reach out to a fellow friends and teachers and give each other some grace...

Sending you the biggest hug!

Remember you are the only person who can teach the people you love the way to treat you...make sure you are giving yourself 100 percent before you give to others. SELF LOVE and GRACE is so very important.

sharing a few tools that might help you here! Let me know if you try these BASIC PILATES moves.... go to 🟨 blog and download now 🖥

Find a MAT - if you don't already have one and spend some time with a mellow, classical vibe and a candle lit or two - turn on your diffuser and try these game changers with me!!!


xoxo, H




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