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Podcast 18 | When you feel a shift in your passion or in your business! Direct Sales? Listen up!

Listen up if you are feeling a nudge or pull on your heart that something needs to make a shift. This #getUnstuck Episode 18 is for anyone and anybody who feels like it might be time to expand outside of your comfort zone in order to GROW! If you happen to sell mascara, makeup, skincare, real estate, personal trainers, fitness instructors or any type of MLM or direct sales - This POD is for you!

I'm here to help you today to share how to PUSH thru when it gets so frustrating! Don't give up or feel like you've failed! There's a way to strategize but first listen to this podcast! Please feel free to share with your own friends, family & team of women trying to just FIND THEIR SPARKLE too! Link to podcast here

Resources mentioned:

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