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Podcast Episode 32: Why you must change your environment to see results! Heather Newman

Let's talk about changing your environment!


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How are you today? How is your LIFE going these days? It's really crazy times and our mindset and reflection on how we live our BEST LIFE is one of the biggest internal questions most people think on for 1/2 second but never really do anything about the things that aren't settling right with them.

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So, let's get started, GRAB A NOTEBOOK - I always advise that. Journal your journey!!! That's where the magic happens!

I hope that I can help you find some self-love if you aren't giving yourself that! It's such a huge area of our lives that never really gets talked about. Sometimes it takes you waking up and saying - where is my life? what am i doing? how did i get here?


Look at yourself today INWARDS as ask yourself if you are living your best self? Are you in the best environment?

Sometimes we have to really take a deep look at assess where we are and figure out if you are lost in a vicious cycle. Take a look at where you are and look inward. Is this where I am supposed to be?

Sometimes it takes something massive happening for you to take a look inside. To look inward. It may feel like a disaster at the time but it could actually be a blessing that you just don't realize yet.


Reflect on your relationships. Do your relations lead you to feel empowered or to sadness. Notice your patterns.

I am going to give you some action steps on how to improve your environment if you feel stuck. It could be in your weight loss journey, it could be in your mental state. It could be living in the fear of what other people might think.

I know that I have finally become the person that I am comfortable being. Other people's opinions do not matter. They are just opinions. You have to decide the life you want and start taking the steps to actually make that life happen. Visualize it. Look at it daily. Journal it. What does it look like. What do you want to feel like. How is your relationship with GOD and your faith? Do you need to honor that more?

Do you have something you are upset about from your past? Maybe HE put you thru that to help other people - look at your hurdles and challenges as your message from HIM that you are meant to help make an impact on others and help another person!


Are you surrounding yourself with people who want to learn and grow or do you hang out with the same people that are just drinking every weekend and living the same year after year over and over with no real goals to reach another milestone in life - or are you surrounding yourself with people who don't believe in you or encourage you to lose start eating healthier and taking care of your health? Just reflect on the inside and figure out the things that make you happy and the things you really want to change in your life. The past is in the past. Let's leave it there ok!

Let's work on the NEW YOU, today. The one that has to control the things that you can control. You will get thru whatever is going on. You have to keep showing up - not just for yourself but for your family and your health and for HIM.

Whatever your struggles are, a break up - a loss of a family member or just a sticky time...YOU ARE GOING TO GET THRU IT - you have to show up though because you are GOING TO GET THRU IT and why not have something amazing in the end?!!@#$%^&*


The crap is always crappy! We all go thru crap but you have to break through it to go thru it and get thru it. You WILL GET THRU IT. YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT!


What is happening in the environment you are in or how can you take it to the next level. Let's take action.


Step one: write down all the things that are NEGATIVE IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW - Example: I have a spouse that doesn't support me or a best friend that puts me down every time i eat healthy...whatever it is for you. Write them all down, get messy with it.

Step two: write down all of the POSITIVE things in your life right now. Example: I have a supportive spouse, or I have a supportive best friend who is holding me accountable to hit my goals or to exercise daily, etc.

Step three: compare your list! Highlight all of the POSITIVE THINGS!!! Grab a highlighter - whatever color you love. Pink or yellow, etc. Highlight all the POSITIVE THINGS you wrote down.

Step four: Look at your list and see, is it more positive or is it more negative? If you are like 80% positive and 20% negative, that's pretty good!!!!

If you are more negatives than positives - if it's even 50/50 - you need to have a conversation with yourself about how you want your life to go. You have a choice of how you are.

If you are at 50/50 you might not be being the best example if you have children. If you don't have kids, you might not be being the best example for your family and friends. REFLECT on you and the things that you can control and the choices you are making or the lack of ACTION you are taking. If you aren't 100% certain and content with who you are and you are not in an amazing environment that allows you to blossom and flourish, you are not going to have an impact on other people. A positive impact. Maybe you are the negative person? Are you? Are you putting others down? if so, you've got to reflect and stop that - that stems for your very own insecurities.

Step five: Write down what you want to achieve for the rest of this year! What would you love to happen for you this year? What are your real inner goals??

Step six: Look at those 2 lists - do you have, right now, the correct environment to achieve all of those goals? REFLECT - COMPARE THE TWO LISTS HARD. REALLY TAKE A HARD LOOK AT THEM. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF HERE. This is so important.

If you don't understand that you're environment dictates where you are going to go and your success - you will never reach the level of HAPPINESS and success that you strive for. Go after what your heart and soul knows is your inner deepest wants. Go after it. Make the changes that have to happen in order to take one step in that direction and always refer back to these lists tweaking them along the way. Do it for you, your family and your friends. Are you going to be able to achieve everything you want with who you currently have around you? Do the people around you fire you up? Do you need that?

YOU ARE WORTH IT. If you don't have that..????? TELL THEM! Tell your family and friends what you need - get it. ask for it.

If you need them to be a cheerleader around you - tell them. That's ok if you need that - it's something you might find to get you excited to keep you going. Just ask for it. If they are not supportive or excited for you - then you need to have a conversation because if you want to reach your full potential - you have to have support around you. You control your environment. You choose what is acceptable for you. You teach people how to treat you.

You are worth everything you want.

It's not easy to change your environment. Not easy at all. You have to decide what is right for you and what you CAN do. It's your life. You get ONE. Make sure it's the one you design and want. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we can start rebuilding - as long as we surround ourselves with positive people.

What is more important? Your happiness or keeping other people happy?

Dig deep. You have to choose your own happiness. Nobody else is in charge of your life. Nobody else knows what you want.

Find people that are positive and people that you love.

Only take advise from people that you would CHANGE PLACES WITH! read that again...surround yourself with incredible people who are positive and excited - find your people! ONLY TAKE ADVISE FROM PEOPLE THAT YOU WOULD CHANGE PLACES WITH.

If you feel lonely - lots of people do! It's a BIG THING! Know that HE (your faith) is with you always. Look up. Look in. You are NEVER TRULY ALONE.

.....being on your own is better than being in an environment that is unhealthy or unhappy. Find the strength in you that you on your own is enough. You are complete just as you are. You don't ever need someone else to complete you. You will flourish. You will have more ideas, you will be more creative and you will be stronger.


Don't add yourself into a new environment that you know it is not going to be good for you. These steps are taking ownership of your life. Things that happen to you - can try to change your identity. At the end of the day, it's your choice! You control your life. Everything is figure-it-out-able! But until you chose that you want the best life for you - there is nothing that I or anyone can say to you. It has to come from you.

You have to be ready. You have to choose.

There is more. You are worth it. If you feel you are not living to your full potential - I want to tell you it is going to be ok. when you keep showing up regardless - you will make such a huge impact on all of those around you -

put your big girl panties on, words of affirmation are so important - change your environment and know that it's a choice -

You've got this community - I am here for you in the social media community and I share with you from my heart - if you go thru things, you are not alone!! I am always here to support you and encourage you.

I love doing this #getunstuck podcast. Years ago, I decided to let go of what people think of me, that's on them. I'm going to be open and honest with you guys to build a stronger relationship with you guys.

If you have anything you want to share with me, please find me on social media. If you want to workout with me :10 minutes every day - please join me in my ONLINE STUDIO called TONE by Heather and I'm super excited to share workouts with you for every level starting with BEGINNER LEVEL. Also my book Sugar is the Devil available on amazon is a great guide and workbook to help you get started on your healthy eating habits and learn what to eat and when - it has so many recipes and a journal to plug in your menu.....

I appreciate your time listening to this and be sure to share it with someone if they are going thru something and might need this too.

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