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Protect your Heart, your mind and your energy! Now more than ever! john 16

I don't want to be the person to expose anything to anybody if I do not know if it is REAL or not! I have to take a personal look inside and ask myself before I ever post anything.... "is this something I need to share"? Am I being called to share this? How will this help others?

Before I DIVE INTO THIS DEEP CONTENT - I want to assure you that I've got another path for you to focus on that CAN BE THE LIGHT. If you are familiar with the deep rabbit hole then you understand. If you are not sure what in the world i'm talking about and it sounds like my post is RANDOM..... I do not want to be personally responsible for introducing you to information that I am not clear on myself so you might want to EXIT this now......... There is a time and place for things to come into our lives and it can be uncomfortable to even try to comprehend. I am going thru this myself right now!

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-----> Ok, let's talk, keep scrolling if you want to dive into this crazy stuff with me......HERE GOES...... i'm not here for debate or judgement! I'm here to give you some tips on keeping a positive outlook and keeping THE FAITH! THERE IS HOPE! I truly believe that something BIG AND BEAUTIFUL is going to come out of this DARK STUFF CIRCULATING! To keep reading.......scroll down -

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If you are here reading this blog post or your are listening to my #getunstuck podcast right now...... you are probably here to ENRICH YOUR LIFE, elevate your motivation and energy, get all the positive VIBES, educate yourself on ways to REACH GOALS and live your dreams!

I don't want this to be confusing to you - but in a way - it might be if you haven't allowed yourself to go "DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE". Over the past few weeks, I admit, I have opened up tabs on the internet that led me down a path of "WHAT IN THE WORLD......NO WAY.....THIS CAN NOT BE REAL......WHO? HOLLYWOOD? MEDIA IS CONTROLLING OUR MINDS? THEY DO WHAT? children? who, what, where, HOW?" .......and the thoughts and lists goes on and on. I am upset with myself for allowing the DOOR to this information open but let's face it, with the internet today - how can we not.

I opened up my Bible and asked WHY - am I seeing this stuff. Why am I hearing this stuff. It cannot be true? Where there is smoke, there is fire - right? My head, spinning and doubting everything.


I FEEL my anxiety level rising as I even share this with you - without going into great detail as you can look for yourself on YouTube and Twitter to really dig deep if you feel compelled to do so.

Ok....a lot of really dark things, a lot of theories and accusations are stirring around the internet these days. I personally have been seeing more and more of this on the internet. I am not saying I don't believe these things - I am just saying that these things are considered theories. Right now, I am shook. I am not really sure what I believe right now. You believe what you want to believe.

I want to be very cautious about what I tell you - I don't want to expose anybody to anything that I don't have the FACTS about.

If you are wondering why I am not saying the exact things that have disturbed me - it is not my responsibility to expose anyone to that. I am shook.

Over the past few months it's been one thing after another. During these past few weeks, it's gotten really deep and these things are really dark and ugly and blow my mind. Shake my core. It's really disturbing.

For a few weeks there, I went down some rabbit holes that upset me. It totally threw me OFF my game. Completely threw me off track. Shook my day and night (plural)!!

I don't usually allow my energy to get thrown off - I usually set my boundaries and stick to my BLINDERS ON mentality.....but I'll tell you this. The subject I'm talking about involves "children" and THAT MY FRIEND is nothing I would ever ever want to allow happen in our world.

I'm a MOM and it's the HIGHEST HONOR in life is to BE A MOM. My children (no matter what age) are my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY and it's my job to protect them and expose them to positive growth and being a leader in life and success.

Why are these things circulating? I'll continue to do my research in the pockets that I allow myself to get some facts. Harm and children - this is not OK. However, there is a time and a place for you to subject yourself to this type of information.

There is no shortage of info out there on the internet. Some of it is real and some of it is fake. I'm just asking you to be mindful of the things that you are subjecting yourself to. It's good that WE ALL WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE and we all want to FIX the things that aren't right in the world....

BUT....... take care of YOU. Be mindful of the things and the TIME you allow the toxic and disturbing material into your eyes, life and brain.......

If you are taking in this type of information all hours of the day - THIS WILL AFFECT YOU. It will affect your energy, you thoughts, your mood, your everything.

There is a time and place for your to travel down rabbit holes. Just be careful. It's all there - it's all in front of you on your phone, on your laptop, on your desktop....

I know this and I let myself go down that hole - I had to STOP MYSELF. I had to remind myself, I will FOCUS ON THE THINGS that I should be focussed on. My health, my family, my obligations, my bills, my work, my life.

I just want you to be careful. Protect your mind. Protect your thoughts. Protect your heart and soul.

Be the boss of your LIFE. Be the boss of who and what you give your attention to.

I have to actively remind myself often to be careful of who I follow on social media and the content that I am exposing myself to on the daily. I started watching certain videos on youtube and then a lot of "SUGGESTED" videos started popping up for me to watch and I spent way too much time going down the hole.

Some of it reaches really FAR OUT THERE - but some of it might be FACTUAL.

All I want to remind you is to be careful who you follow. If the stuff makes you feel icky - step away. Mute it. Don't allow them to pop up in your feed and tempting you to click on it.

When the time is right for you to do your research and learn more - YOU DECIDE to go look for your facts when the time is right. Don't allow it to pop up in your daily life and news feed.

Here are some tools I try to use:

  1. Use the MUTE FEATURE on any accounts that iccky up your newsfeed on social media. Or unfollow.

  2. Be careful what you share on your own platform. If it is disturbing although compelling - be careful what you share. I did this! I wanted to shout it from the rooftops and I wasn't sure how true it was other than I knew it was WRONG!!! WE CAN AND DO HAVE A VOICE - for sure! Just know that you are not the only one being affected by this.....however, there are some people who are not guilty of going down the rabbit hole - I just know that I don't want to be the person who sends someone down a rabbit hole that might not be necessary to expose them not knowing all the FACTS.

  3. Protect your energy and be aware of what your children are fueling their minds with on the daily. Check out what is circulating. YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER WHAT YOU ALLOW IN!

  4. Remember whatever you consume, controls what you think about and bring about. IT could negatively affect your energy and what you are feeling which will in turn affect you and what you are putting out into the world.

  5. When you wake up - don't let social media be the first things you expose your MIND TO ...... take time to write, journal, create, pray, workout or do something first before you allow yourself to get online. KEEP YOURSELF IN CHECK!!!

  6. If something matters to you and you really want to do something about it. Have a plan about how you can learn more and educate yourself about it so you can put a plan in place on how you can HELP. Maybe on the weekends where it's your OFF TIME. Then you can clear your schedule to make time to invest in your research and try to come up with your conclusion and how you can make a difference. I feel like the work week is not the time to consume all of this and go down the rabbit hole.

Please - do you of course but know that these things are CONTROLLABLE BY YOU. You have control over your day. You decide when and what you consume! YOU OWN YOUR POWER AND CONTROL. You make your life the way you want it to be! Pull out your BIBLE - now is the time.

God Bless us all!

Thanks so much for my rant.

Luv ya,




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