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Relaxing Day Sunday routine: Heather Newman

What is up you guys? Today's Blog Post is one that I get asked about a lot and I've been wanting to take the time to write for a while now. You'll notice different colored words (greenish/grey) plugged into this post...those indicate "clickable links" where I'll share some of my favorite "go to" items incase you are in the process of designing your own routine and wanted to check out my top picks. So, let's get to it:

I woke up before the rest of the fam to let Nemo and Noodle outside....I grabbed my journal, read my affirmations and jotted down 3 things I'm grateful for this morning....

Then I shook up a full bottle of water with one packet of my "Unicorn Crack" pre-workout, grabbed my notebook and sat down to write this! The weather outside today was a bit chilly - Siri said it was 39 degrees - that's cold for Louisiana however, I plugged in my energy driven favorite Sunlight (keeps away the blue) & my mini work desk ring light and I'm good to go - wide awake at 6am!

I thought I'd take you along for what a CHILL SUNDAY, or a pamper me Sunday or a Relaxing Sunday (whatever you like to call it Sunday) with me and I hope you enjoy!

6AM - I'm up, the rest of the house is sleeping/chilling/relaxing

I let the dogs out routinely - they were quite speedy today coming back inside as it was too cold for them too!

Daily Affirmation, Words with God, Gratitude always journaled - If I skip this, my mood will be off! I try to write at least 3 things I am grateful for every single day. It gets my mind in the right spot.

On Sunday's if we don't go to Church, I always find "my time" with God in other ways. I know religion is a touchy subject for some but I am proud of my FAITH and my relationship with HIM. Sometimes I'll login to a local church if the message of the day is something I am interested in. Sometimes it's online with Joel (HIs message always seems to be the perfect one for me)

Unicorn Crack is shaken and poured into a mason jar with one of my favorite fun hard plastic straws.

Today started a new workout program for me and my Lady Squad over in my Fit Gym.

Workout was only :30 minutes then it's time to get ready for a brunch with the Fam usually around 11am! After brunch we like to do a little shopping and then head to the grocery store to stock up for the week to make sure we are on track with our healthy eating options. Failing to PLAN is Planning to FAIL!

I share my healthy grocery shopping list with you HERE if you ever want to use it, feel free! It keeps me on course!

3PM - Give some lovin' and attention to Nemo and Noodle. A walk perhaps (always depending on that weather) my little guy is getting up there and his little legs just don't do so well in the cold (Nemo)

4PM - Afternoon Sexy Momma SuperFoods Chocolate Shake time - I usually have this with hubby at 10:30AM on the daily - Sundays are a bit different because of family brunch so I truly look forward to this Chocolate Delight to perk me up, fill me up with all the good stuff ( you know, the greens that I would never get in my otherwise), it curbs my chocolate sweet tooth cravings and it's providing my body with everything that it needs - it is truly the best fuel I give myself each day.

5PM - House cleaning time: not a heavy job but enough to freshen everything up and make it smell good ya know! My favorite part of this time of day is lighting my Magic Candles lately. I've burned thru my "Haunted" and now we are burning my oldest son's favorite "Banshee" which smells just like we are on the "Sourin'" ride at Disney flying over Figi - it just puts everyone in a great mood - it's delicious, you've got to try these candles if you like Disney!

6PM - Plan for the week ahead! I've always done this. I'm a notebook and journal nerd to begin with, through in my planner and some colored markers and this girl is in a happy place. Music playing in the background (the kind I have on when I'm in my creative zone) I'll share a video below - with the link to try it yourself.

7PM - Hair and face mask! Roots!

8PM - Bath time!


Sunlight lamp for seasonal depression (light therapy) but i use as desk lamp

Ring light for desktop (videos and desk lamp when dark)

Hair Mask - option 1

Roots by Lush option 2

or my favorite (less expensive way) DIY Hair Mask - Eggs, Aloe , Coconut Oil, Rosemary oil , Honey option 3

Glam Glow Lip Scrub




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