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Secret to a Clean & Organized Home :

Time is the most valuable asset you have.

The better we can manage our time and prioritize it on things that matter the most (relationships, our calling, getting healthy in every area, etc.) the better off we'll be.

Well, what if you could save one whole year of your life by applying some simple advice?

Look at this alarming statistic...

The average American spends one year of their life looking for lost or misplaced items!

This might sound silly, but it's time to declutter your way to success.

This week I'm going to share a secret to a clean and organized home that doesn't take up your time.

This month is all about Dreams, Dumbbells & Declutter! Spring is in the air and by really focussing on these 3- areas of my life, I am a forever changed person! Truly.

When you DECLUTTER your way to happiness and success, you are going to feel a sense of peace in your surroundings which will motivate you to get things done (without procrastinating). It will give you control over your day just by being mentally organized. I want to show you how to start decluttering and organizing your surroundings today by sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks.

Let's talk about the secret to a clean and organized home.

And please let me know if you like this type of information and you want me to keep providing it.

I have a FREE GIFT FOR YOU just for being here - I'll share at the bottom of this blog post - I promise!

Ok, let's talk about clutter.......

We waste an average of 55 minutes a day looking for things we own but we cannot find. 80% of people say at any given time, their house is a mess.

Think of organizing and decluttering as a way of getting ready for the BIG THINGS that are ready to come into your life. You cannot even SEE OPPORTUNITY until you get the path to promotion in order. This will also allow you to save money - you'll know where all of your things are.

You can find things when you are organized. You will save time and money.

We spend 6 minutes a day which is 3 hours a month wasted on looking for car keys.

Find a spot for every item.

File it.

Hang it.

Give yourself a sense of peace by getting it a HOME. Everything needs a home. does it stay or does it go?

If it stays - designate a SPOT FOR IT!

Unopened mail

broken jewelry


everything!!! it must have a place!

Coats should be in a coat closet

Cell phone on charger on night stand

School info in a box with label

Bills in a box on the desk

Did you know that 23% of adults pay their bills late? Simply because they cannot find them.

Designate a BILL PAYING DAY and go straight to your box and pay them. It removes that nagging feeling because you know example "Sunday night" is bill paying night.

Purge - purge - purge - be sure you get rid of anything you haven't used or know that you won't be using. Remove anything that is just nagging at you.

1. 12 month rule: if you have had old items that are not needed in the past 12 months - toss it or give it away.

2. Something old/something new: if you only give yourself permission to buy something new by getting rid of an old. Example - remove a pair of shoes before you buy a new pair.

3. Go paperless - this is a hard one for me personally - I'm a paper person but it does same time and major paper stacking clutter!

4. Consolidate: do you really need 7 frying pans or 21 cleaning products - or 50 lipsticks? We tend to collect too many items that aren't necessary.


Take the 30 day challenge:

Remove 1 item every single day. On day 1 you remove 1 item. On day 2 you remove 2 items. Etc.......

By day 30 you will have removed 500 items that you don't even need that might be taking up space -

TRY IT and let me know if you did indeed try this 30-DAY CHALLENGE!!!

Set your timer for 20 minutes a day and spend 20 minutes a day this month to see how much you can actually declutter and clean up in one room at a time.

We rarely have a full day to declutter and organize so this 20 minute timer routine really has been a life saver - I am doing this every day this month and invite you to do this with me.

Oh and don't forget the

Junk drawer - DUMP IT OUT and just throw out the #### you really don't need.

AND FINALLY - CREATE A ROUTINE - if you make this a part of your ritual every day - 20 minute purge routine - you will be so happy to see the cleanliness and order in your home. You will experience peace that comes with it and you will be such a great example to your family - show them how to remain organized and clean too.

DECLUTTER AND ORGANIZE!!! It's a win win - you'll feel less stress in your life!

You can also turn your clutter into cash with ebay or poshmark. Just have a clear vision and a plan! I'm gifting you some printable sheets to write out your plan below! The vision has to be clear in order for anything to actually happen. Failing to plan is planning to fail.


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