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Set up your dream life & Plan with Me! : Heather Newman

I guess I didn't realize this years ago. I let life dictate where I was headed, rolling with the punches and never taking the TIME to actually set things into motion to move in the direction I TRULY WANTED to be headed!

INCASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW - - > There is a method to making things happen in your life!



For years, I was setting goals only to fall short of them. New Year's resolutions. Fitness goals. Business goals. Personal goals.  It always started with a high level of excitement that only fizzled when I saw myself getting farther and farther from what I ultimately said I wanted in the first place.

End result? the usual.....Disappointment. 

In the spring of 2015 I attended a conference that opened my eyes to what was missing to my goal setting process. It was just about putting ideas on paper or even launching those desires into the universe, I was missing the strategy behind setting goals that convert! This is what OPRAH MEANT - now I get it!!!

I've put together a tool that I use with all of the people I coach & mentor to help them set smart (LET'S CALL IT A BRAIN DUMP), intentional goals that they can bring to life. I use it myself to stay focused on the end result that I want and included some info on how to use this planner!  THE SMART GOAL THING sounds too school-ish for me!!!

Please share it with a friend and let me know if you find this helpful in making some BIG DREAMS come true in the upcoming year!

x, Heather


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