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sharing my favorite Disney candles: bring magic into your own home: grab my 15% Discount cod

🐭DISNEY smells are now in our home!! 👃👃👃 - You guys, i've sent this email to you before if you are on the VIP email list. If you are not subscribed over there, just go to and click the yellow button to be on the list so you NEVER miss anything....

I got asked so many questions from my IG stories and "what candles do I burn" I wanted to repost this and drop it in your inbox again. I wrote this original post before our Disney trip 2020 (prior to the MADNESS in the world).....I hope you enjoy and let me know if you get a candle - what's your favorite scent?


HOW DID WE not know about these SOONER??? I posted about this on my personal facebook page and got so many requests to hear more about the scents and the DISNEY experience we brought into our home, I knew it was time for a GOOD BLOG POST! So thank you for that and here you go!

Did you ever pay attention to the “smells” that you take in when you walk into the Magic Kingdom?

OUR favorite smell is actually one that WE are currently diffusing throughout our entire home—> it’s soooo NICE!!

it is the same scent that is spread throughout the Swan and Dolphin!!! And most WESTIN properties.

Years ago while traveling ... I was on a mission to take that amazing smell home with me!!! Hubby found it in a linen spray—- We loved it so much we bought the full home diffuser!

BUT did you know that you can also have the smells of Disney’s haunted mansion and the Pirates ride in your own home???? Even the smells of the little shops along main street (confection and Norway even) WOW JUST FREAKIN' WOW!!!

What about the smell of flying over Fiji?? Ahhhhhhh!

update: USE CODE: HEATHER15 for a 15% off DISCOUNT!!!!

If you can’t get to Disney, you can bring Disney magic straight into your HOME! These are definitely my current favorite candles! Just trying to get everybody in the mood to see the mouse!! If you use the link below I got you a 10% off coupon!(UPDATE: PLEASE USE CODE: HEATHER15 FOR A 15% OFF DISCOUNT!!)

Comment below if you’ve ever tried these candles or if you know of another company that makes Disney’s amazing smells????


Bringing the smell of a magical vacation right to your front door. Click here to find all of your favorite PARK AREA SPOT SCENTS - including PIRATES!!! My current favorites are the Haunted Mansion and Pirates. We also love the Yacht club and SOARIN' OVER FIGI - delightful - it will lift the VIBES in any home for sure! It's magical!!



So a few weeks ago (as we are preparing for our ANNUAL DISNEY FAMILY ADVENTURE) - I started diffusing and warming fun magical scents throughout our home to get everyone in the DISNEY SPIRIT - well, I reached out to my long time good friend Amy who has the most amazing TASTE IN EVERYTHING!! I asked by chance if she had any MICKEY WARMERS that I could try out - She was ON IT - ya girl is killer, the bomb with getting you the SMELLS YOU WANT for your SPACE!! She nailed it - All of the goodies you see in the photos now belong to the NEWMAN HOME and we cannot stop smiling!

Of course, I couldn't decide on Mickey or Minnie so we GOT BOTH!

I encourage you to REVAMP YOUR SPACE if your vibe has been low! It doesn't have to be Mickey or Minnie (I'm a bit partial to them) but she's got quite the assortment to chose from - bling, formal, chill spa, holidays, every day - EVEN THE MOST WONDERFUL SMELLING LAUNDRY DETERGENT - say what!@#$%^&*() Tell Amy I sent you! I'm sure she will take good care of you if you do!!

Yes, Ok, since I cannot actually share the VIBES AND SMELLS thru my BLOG POST - I want you to close your eyes and just imaging after a long day of hard work coming in to your HOME and playing some awesome DISNEY TUNES FOUND HERE (CLICK)

and diffuse your oils, light your candles or start that MICKEY (or whichever beautiful one you choose) to uplift your MOOD - get the GOOD VIBES FLOWING and chill.....or cook or whatever it is you do. For me, it creates the best atmosphere to RELAX AND CREATE - I love creating!!!


One last thing, while you are here......If you have a passion for health & fitness, and helping others get in to the best shape of their lives, I like to think this is the place to start.

I'm hosting a new tiny Coaching Mentorship, simply put, not only deals with how to become an effective coach, it deals with the steps I’ve taken to become a well-regarded health & fitness brand.

This isn’t about teaching you to sell… no, no! This is really about leveraging a sincere desire to make a positive impact on your network to create a fruitful business, both economically & emotionally! If you are not interested, I'd love for you to share this with someone who just "CAME INTO YOUR MIND" that might be perfect!

I always segregate coaching in to three main parts:

Inspire, provide a solution, support.


The first step to encouraging somebody to enact a healthy lifestyle, is to get creative and inspire them! 

Provide a solution:

This is where Coaching comes in! My world class programs are second to none and best of all, they’re real! This isn’t a magic pill, or some ambiguous solution. You’re providing the ones you inspire with a real solution that will require THEY SWEAT for their results! 


Once your solution is accepted, this is where your ability to motivate and hold accountable kicks in. You will ensure that your customer is focused on executing their workouts daily and following their meal plan. In the mentorship, we’ll talk about how we leverage the NOLA FIT Challenge to hold our customers and clients accountable! 

How do I join the BootCamp?

If you’re ready to take a leap in to the world of Virtual Online Health coaching, GREAT!

To be eligible for the mentorship, you’ll make your participation official by going through the registration process on my website and sign up to the team!  Click Here to Sign up as a Coach on the Team

WHAT IF YOU ARE ALREADY A COACH or are a customer on another team- but you want to switch over TO TEAM NOLA FIT?

my coach id is 1502854


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