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Sugar is the devil: how to Stay on track this holiday season

I've always said, "Sugar is the devil". It comes into your life every single day disguised as something really sweet and delicious, but it's literally killing us on the inside. I won't make this about the devil because I refuse to give him the attention he wants....but I will talk about SUGAR and the horrible things it is doing to us all.

SUGAR - it's been a struggle for me most of my life. IT doesn't just ruin your nutrition plans and leave a big pocket of fat around your belly but it brings you down and leaves you feeling tired and sluggish every day around 3pm, are you with me?

Scientists declare, and I agree, that sugar is TOXIC and addictive.

Since I basically define sugar as another type of drug, quitting it isn't easy. The sugar addiction is very real, so we are in this battle together, trust me!

I published a guide to help you ditch your sugar cravings for good so you can learn to enjoy your life without the worries. That mid day cookie might make you feel great for an hour, but it can leave you exhausted when your body finishes processing the sugar. You feel like you need a "pick-me-up" so where do you turn? Well, this is where the cycle begins. You turn to more sugar. It's a vicious cycle that is so difficult to break and that's why I had to create something to help!

My book shows you how to avoid sugar (the best we know how) and beat it! The tools will always be by your side in a 57 page guide and workbook for you to write all of your top struggles in.

When we talk about sugar, most think about the types of sweets that I mentioned earlier (the C's) candy, cake and cookies. Well, guess what? I know you don't want to hear this but sugar is in most everything we eat. It's honestly prevalent in most things that we don't even think about unless you started on a clean eating journey and really made a decision to pay close attention ( like you will after doing my 7-day Sugar Detox with me). I'm going to list some items that I want you to tell me which ones you THINK have sugars in them:


Pasta Sauce


Salad Dressing

Energy drinks


dried fruit

packaged fruits




granola bars



instant oatmeal

breakfast cereals

Do you know the answer?


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