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When the INTERNET is bringing you DOWN and the weight of the world is messing with your mind - there is nothing better than diving into a book and IF YOU DON'T LIKE TO READ - i have a trick for you ------

Set a plan - a small mini challenge for yourself to read 10 pages a day! That's it - we can all do things when we chunk them down but trust me - you aren't going to want to put these books down - I'll list them in order and you can click on the links provided to see which one is going to be the BEST ONE for you to get started with! Trust me - these are GOOD!!

If these BABIES DON'T GET YOU MOVING in life, work, business - NOTHING WILL!

And one of my favorites from my favorite LADIES

keep reading - there is more fun when you keep scrolling!!!



Now if those types of books aren't your JAM - here are some really fun one's I think you'll get a kick out of. If you like these books - WE ARE SOUL MATES!!!


my ole' friend JESSICA SIMPSON - this one is a must!!!! Jessica is so vulnerable & really shows herself in a new light. She talks about everything from being molested, to her marriage with Nick Lachey, to the relationship she has with her family. She goes through her journey with alcohol & pill addiction to plastic surgery. btw - NICK IS MY HOLLYWOOD CRUSH!!!!!


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