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To the MOM who stayed at home and is now raising young adults: Redefining your Purpose!

Hey there friend! So many of my friends and social media network inspire me on the daily and I'm trying to navigate this world, this life with so many others that just don't know what LIFE looks like once your kids don't need you anymore. It's not a HAPPY PLACE to be.

Well, let's face it, our kids NEED US but you know what I mean, they are young adults trying to navigate their own battles thru the muddy waters and LORD, CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE THEIR AGE going thru the things our PLANET is growing thru at the moment? I think of all the stress that my husband and I are feeling and I try to empathize with what does it feel like for them? whew, that's heavy stuff. I pray. I give it all up to HIM because HE is bigger than all of this.

As far as the kids, make sure you still MAKE TIME to have them for FAMILY routines. We do FRIDAY MEXICAN or FRIDAY GOLF or SUNDAY FAMILY MEAL DAY, etc. Keep a point of contact going and try your hardest to touch base more than TEXTING. Voice is so necessary even if it's just for a moment. Check in with them. Always be the MOM, you've always been! Just don't forget to check in with YOU too!

So many women spent years - we are talking over 20+ years of their lives being a stay at home mom, where their sole focus was on raising kids and doing all the things stay at home moms do.

As the kids grow older, we as moms find ourselves at a complete LOSS of what do do now.

What do I do with myself?

Trying to navigate thru the new waters of finding yourself and redefine purpose after investing your entire everything into the well being of the can leave you feeling empty and lost.

Do you feel like you lost your identity along the way?

Try to remember who you were before you had kids. Try to remember the things that lit your sole and made you smile. Let's think of the term Empty Nester as NEXT PAGE OF YOUR JOURNAL, just turning the page and starting with a clean white slate.

There are times that you will feel so lost in the pain of kids after they go that you'll forget to ACTUALLY GO OUT AND LIVE YOUR LIFE.

You have permission to believe in yourself again. You are NEVER TOO OLD, remember that.

Grant yourself permission to have fun again. Grant yourself permission to do something new that you've always WANTED TO DO but just didn't have the time.

YOUR PERMISSION TO LIVE AGAIN is only up to you. You decide what your future looks like. YOU DEFINE THE NEXT PAGE of your journal of life.

My top tips (for me and for you):

  1. Start a routine. A good morning ritual is always a good place to start. Journal thru your thoughts and feelings and each day you will find yourself becoming stronger and more focussed if you allow yourself to proclaim positive affirmations out loud each day. I have a list, if you need it, please email me at, I will share them with you for you to tweak and make your own.

START MOVING YOUR BODY - this is part of the reason I created THE NEW TONE ONLINE STUDIO ya'll! To allow yourself a private place to go for :10 minutes every single day - to make it part of your routine and daily habit to challenge yourself and get in that daily movement while allowing your mind to connect with your body and soul. - Please, if you haven't already, join us there - it's a TONE FAMILY of solid genuine unique shining stars just like yourself who support one another is all areas of life. You can be a TONE-BABE too! This community can be your ROCK! As you get FIT in the process...... JOIN US NOW

  1. Start reading books to invest in yourself. Read books like the Morning Miracle and the Slight Edge. Dive into personal development.

  2. Play tennis. or whatever it is you think you might want to learn. Play the piano. Start learning another language.

  3. Set new exciting GOALS AND DREAMS FOR YOURSELF. I have a workshop that helps you with VISION, DREAMS AND GOAL SETTING HERE. Check it out if you are not sure where to begin on your new journey. This will help you DRAW OUT A CLEAR PLAN. click here

  4. Be sure to subscribe to the #getunstuck podcast on Itunes.....

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