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We're gearing up for an exciting Influencer call in October, and I want to share the details with you!

This is your chance to become a part of the last round of influencer applications for 2023.

Please note that this position is commission-based, and it's crucial for serious individuals to apply. This opportunity requires dedication, commitment, consistency, and is not a quick get-rich scheme.

Do you have a passion for sharing your journey towards a healthier lifestyle? Are you eager to help others stay accountable, track their water intake, shed some fluff, and join our 'walking for weight loss' family? TBW

If you can send text reminders to your very own #sparklesquad, positioning yourself as a leader, you're ready to step into the role of the #toneboss I always knew you could be!

Your health, wellness, strength, and fitness journey hold immense value, so don't miss out!

With various TONE VIP PROGRAMS to choose from, this is a fantastic opportunity to earn extra income from the comfort of your home. I've prepared everything you need, including a comprehensive toolbox and TONE BABE PUSH COACH UNIVERSITY for mentorship.

You don't need prior fitness experience, a blog, a massive social media following, or prior influencing for other brands. We welcome women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, ages, and fitness levels.

We particularly focus on women over 40 who are dealing with mid-life challenges, including peri/pre/post-menopausal struggles. is a diverse, inclusive community that embraces women regardless of their age or race.

Our mission is to empower women to de-stress, achieve their desired bodies, and rediscover their inner beauty. TONE helps women navigate peri/pre/during/post-menopausal challenges, empowering them to feel gorgeous, ageless, strong, and confident.

We're here for busy moms too—those who have been neglecting their health and fitness. No more misery, laziness, or self-shaming. We have nutrition guides tailored to individual needs, emphasizing balanced, fuel-focused eating.

If you've hit a plateau with another fitness program, we invite you to experience the transformative results of my TONE programs. We believe in real women with real struggles, and we're here to support you.

A PUSH COACH keeps you accountable, shows up for you, and guides you through challenging times to prevent you from quitting on yourself.

If you resonate with our mission and want to make a real impact, click the link below to apply:

Join us in making a positive change in people's lives through health and wellness. Your journey can inspire others, and together, we can make a difference.

Best wishes, XO Heather and the TONE BABE COMMUNITY!


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