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Top 10 Tips to get over a Facebook Addiction

Are you addicted to Facebook? 

Addiction is a pretty strong word, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of us are addicted to Facebook (and other social media landing sites).

We waste so much time scrolling the feed and getting sucked into a black hole of selfies and binge bragging.

You may have read my blog on figuring out if you do have a slight tendency to scroll the news feed too much, and have taken the test I provided.

I decided to share some of the best practices that really helped me and some other social media pals modify this ongoing habit/battle we all seem to have with ourselves and Mr. Z's Facebook world.

*My Top Ten Tips on Getting over Facebook:

I promise you'll magically find WAY more time in your day. It's amazing!

I've shared these tips with my amazing team of coaches and we made a pledge to check back in within 30 days to share the changes we've noticed. We are going to track our progress because without a tracking system in place - it's all just a guess - truly a guess and that's not where we make a difference.


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