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I'M TOTALLY OBSESSED! After months and months of looking for the RIGHT BOOTY BAND that would be one to keep for years, that would hold up, that was made out of the RIGHT MATERIALs, that was CUSTOM TO our TONE-BABES exact needs and wants.....we finally found the RIGHT TEAM to HAND-MAKE our NEW TONE BOOTY BANDS.

This will 10X your results when you add in these NEW TONE BOOTY BANDS - the BURN will be the GOOD KIND...these are no joke and I promise they won't roll up on you like the others do.......

the width is perfect and they come in 3 different resistance levels: LIGHT, MEDIUM AND HEAVY

There is a PROMO CODE valid thru October 10th for you to grab the one(s) you want to add to your workout arsenal. It's the perfect NEW TONE TOOL to add to your Online workouts and you'll want to keep one in your gym bag and/or purse at all times.

This little BOOTY BAND can add so much fun and strength to your routine!

My favorite exercise is to squat down and open knees out and in with the band around your legs directly under your knees or right above the knees!

There are going to be some workouts in our ONLINE LIBRARY that require the use of a band, although you can use any of them - this one is going to be my GO TO FOR SURE! I hope you decide to take your workout up a notch too!

USE PROMO CODE: "BOOTY" thru October 10th to pre-order your BOOTY BAND and get to BURNING THOSE BEAUTIFUL MUSCLES and sculpting that booty now....

I'm sooooo OBSESSED!!!!

Only 9 days left of the FREE SHIPPING PROMO and they are going fast.....

xoxo, Heather


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