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TRULY, I want to say THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart. Love, Heather

I keep thinking I could have done more...why didn't I do this, how could we make things better for people?!

The thing is, life is about growing, learning, enjoying the journey and figuring it out along the way.

It's great to want to improve, just look back at how far you have come and where you are TODAY.

So if you are being hard on yourself today, yesterday or tomorrow....give yourself a little grace.

It's an amazing trail to have high standards, just don't forget the strides you have made to get to where you are.

let's say that again....

It's an amazing thing to HAVE HIGH STANDARDS......just don't forget the progress you have made to get to where you are NOW......

I have made a conscious choice to give myself gratitude and appreciation when I am feeling this way.....make sure you do too.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED ME!!! I continue to help make FITNESS FUN and I pray you will STAY ON THIS EVER EVOLVING JOURNEY WITH too are making a huge difference. You are an inspiration to ME and I know other people around you ARE WATCHING YOU !!!


We've added our NEW VERSION OF THE #GETUNSTUCK Positive Mindset 2-Week Inner Work Challenge.......more info coming soon! It's only offered twice each year...once in the SPRING and once in the FALL! Be sure you get your name on the list for all the the boxes below:


You can grab your copy of the 7-day CLEAN EATING guide.....from the link below.....and be sure to leave a review on the amazon bookstore website PLEASE......

Again, thank you so much for the love. I hope you feel my encouragement to you on a daily basis..GOD BLESS!!

Lots of love, xoxo, Heather


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