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Two Week Calendar of COMPLETELY FREE workouts that you can do at Home with my ONLINE Fit group!

My workout yesterday got me thinking HOW CAN I HELP?

During such an unstable time in our world.... there's gotta be something I can do to HELP someone somehow!

I always stress how working out reduces stress and anxiety so what if I put together a TWO WEEK calendar of COMPLETELY FREE workouts that you can do entirely from home with my fit group, would that be helpful while we are all stuck at home?

Thinking if there is enough interest we are going to OPEN UP OUR VIRTUAL FIT GYM TO ANYONE over these next two weeks with a calendar to FOLLOW, making my meal plans FREE too.

If this would help you or anyone you know feel free to fill out this little form to be included and TAG ANY FRIENDS you'd want to be included too!

God Bless Us All!


xoxo, Heather


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