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u need me time and june is the perfect month to invest in ur health

June Tone Babe Training Session start June 10th but registration is open TODAY: (small group training for women u can do from anywhere at anytime)

1. Personalized Workout Regimen

Participants will have access to a customized workout schedule designed by Heather, the personal coach and trainer. This schedule is flexible, allowing participants to choose how many days per week they want to work out (ranging from 1 to 5 days). The workouts are structured to be time-efficient, ranging from 10 to 30 minutes each, and can be done either all at once or broken up throughout the day.

Personalized Coaching: Heather will provide tailored directions and instructions through ur very own member portal, ensuring each participant's workout plan meets their individual fitness levels and goals.

Flexible Scheduling: Participants can select their preferred workout frequency, making it easy to fit exercise into their busy schedules.

Varied Workout Duration: With options for 10, 20, or 30-minute workouts, participants can adjust the intensity and duration based on their daily availability and energy levels.

Beginner to Advanced Levels: The program is designed to accommodate all fitness levels, offering modifications for beginners and more intense options for advanced participants.

2. Comprehensive Meal Guide

The program includes a 7-day slim-down meal guide aimed at those on a weight loss journey who want to shed pounds without losing muscle mass. This guide provides a structured meal plan to support fat loss while preserving lean muscle.

Nutritionally Balanced: The meal guide ensures participants get the right balance of macronutrients to support their fitness goals.

Easy-to-Follow Recipes: Simple, delicious recipes make it easy to stick to the plan and avoid the temptation of unhealthy foods.

Weight Loss Focus: The guide is specifically designed to help participants lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way, promoting long-term success.

Muscle Preservation: Emphasis on protein intake and nutrient-dense foods helps maintain muscle mass during the weight loss process.

3. Holistic Lifestyle Framework

The program emphasizes not just physical fitness but overall well-being, incorporating the "7 Daily Habits of 7 Framework" AKA DHO7 to promote a happy, healthy life. Participants will receive tools to track their progress and stay motivated.

Daily Habits: The framework includes seven daily habits that foster physical, mental, and emotional well-being, encouraging a balanced lifestyle.

Progress Tracker: A tracker and daily checklist help participants monitor their adherence to the program and celebrate their achievements.

Community Support: Access to a small coaching group provides daily support, accountability, and motivation from both Heather and fellow participants.

Incentives: Participants who complete the challenge can qualify for a reward T-shirt, offering an additional motivational boost.

how and where to join - Cost: $25 for a VIP spot.

Member Portal Access: Unlock a personalized portal with schedules, directions, and instructions from Heather.

Motivational Push: Utilize Tone Babe push coaches for extra motivation and accountability.

Community: Join a supportive group of like-minded individuals for encouragement and shared experiences.

Reward: Potential to win a T-shirt, essentially making the coaching and training free for those who qualify.


Join today at to secure one of the monthly VIP packages and start your journey with the June Tone Babe Training Session. Experience a comprehensive fitness program designed to make you look good and feel amazing at any age, with the flexibility and support to fit your lifestyle.



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