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Valentine's Day & February Top of the List must haves & more....

Hey there you guys....Let's talk about Valentine's Day and all the things that I'm loving lately....This is such a FUN TOPIC for me. If hubby wouldn't mind, I swear I would decorate everything with pink hearts and kisses all day, every day!! He's super cool about it though, he gets me and doesn't really mind all the lips, kisses and hearts floating around our home - BIG SMILES!! I don't consider it a commercialized Holiday - I love LOVE - How can you not LOVE ALL THE HEARTS AND KISSES?!@#$% and Glitter!!! Come on , that makes ANYONE HAPPY!!! If not, you are not living my friend - enjoy the little special things in life - it's all perception! Get excited with me..... :)


Just so you know, the LIPS PILLOWS you see in some of my SnapChats are staples ... I've had them for some time now because my GlitterU logo has always incorporated "lips" - I even wear a necklace daily that is LIPS or kissy - I never ever take it off!

I'll link them here:

Lips pillow: option 1 - this is the exact one I have! And love. It really helps behind my back when I'm working at my desk.

Lips pillow: option 2: super cute - i have one similar to this too

Lips pillow: option 3: And OMG how stinking cute are all of these together - they are not expensive at all either - BONUS!!!

Kissy Necklace (similar to mine, not exact):

This year I found that Bath & Body Works, Marshall's and Amazon were my top two stores to find cute Valentine's Day inexpensive items. Where do you like to shop for Valentine's? Hobby Lobby really had some cute items as well.

Incase you missed my February Favorites Post - I'll link it here because you don't want to miss out on all the clickable links to get some of my MUST HAVES that I use on the daily - truly - this is one of my favorite BLOG POSTS!!! Linked below:



OK, After and only after you watch the February Favorites (my favorite things of 2020) - then I'd love for you to hop on over to this VALENTINE'S DAY POST: it has the links you've been waiting for - OMG - this post will be on repeat every season if you love it as much as I do!!!


Unicorn Phone Case: 3D (you know you want this too)

Mini Marshmellow Mugs (adorable):

Daily Favorite Must Have Sunscreen:

Oval Makeup Brush Set:

Disney Candles - OOOOOHHH MY FAVORITE BY FAR! (use code: HEATHER15) FOR 15% OFF!!!!


Here is the Valentine's Day Post Link & photo


Here is the FULL BLOG POST with even more photos and links to the precious fun goodies!!! You have to click it to view it - it's a MUST!!


Here are some details:

First, what you’ll learn from me:

- How I went about building my online coaching business by committing to a cause I am truly passionate about

- How I’ve grown my social media network to close to 25,000 people by focusing on adding value to people’s lives every single day

- The routine & habits that have shaped my health & fitness

- A full education on the resources that have helped me become a coach to thousands of people across THE USA

Learn more HERE - Don't underestimate your potential! Every day is a new day - a fresh start - Click here

XOXO, Heather


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