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Wanna be #FitGirls Wanted!


I'm now looking for 15 new go getters to join me this month! Fill out the form HERE or shoot me an email  if you would like more details!!

Be sure to read below for quick a snap shot of the opportunity! Just under 3 years ago I stared this journey, It feels like just yesterday that I made the decision to sign up as a Coach and start what I thought would be a small side hobby to get me in shape and hold me accountable.

August 1, 2017 was the day.

I was nervous , very skeptical and unsure of this whole thing , but I figured .. "What do I have to lose?"

All I knew was that I needed something. I needed a change and some sort of hope. The person I was two years ago is soooo far from who I've become today. I was very self conscious, didn't really speak up for myself, didn't like what i saw going on with my body in photos or in the mirror, lacked self-confidence, I just wanted to feel like I had energy again....I wanted to feel fulfilled and also wanted to contribute more and help out financially for some vacations and to pay off some cars, etc.

My lowest points were the days I'd be so tired , bored and unmotivated that i would just end up sitting on the sofa, watching tv feeling BLAH.

I decided to start A 3-DAY CLEANSE and I would start working out at home with 21 Day fix program.......It literally changed my world . I didn't really like working out in front of others at the gym even though I teach at one. This was the perfect solution. After that I started Another at home workout program , I was hooked ! I worked out daily and as I started sharing and documenting my journey I saw how many others weren't so different from me. I helped them get set up and see results like I did. That was when I knew.. I could do this coaching thing ! I already was , I just wasn't getting paid. Lol I feel like 2.5 years later I've completely come full circle. I'm in the best shape of my life , working out to the newest version of the programs from the comfort of my own home in the garage..... I'm 100% more confident , I discovered my inner leader and managed to build this thriving business all from home and online. When I sit back and think of how fast this has already gone by and how much growth (including the inspiration of writing and publishing my VERY OWN book ) I've seen not only in my business but in my life and my health. It all started that day when I made a decision , took that leap of faith and committed to changing my life . I'm unbelievably grateful for this opportunity and the people I get to build this dream life with I know when I first was introduced to the idea of coaching I was soo skeptical and definitely thought it sounded too good to be true. But I did some research and already knew I love the programs, the nutrition education and supplements and the company. So I took a leap of faith. As did many of the Coaches on my team. The once "go getters in my mentorship program" are now incredibly successful leaders that have built 500+$/ week businesses from home in less than 2 years too!! To listen to exactly what this is all about and hear a little about my story fill out the form below or send me an email



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