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Hey there BABE - or DUDE! Thanks for hanging with me as WE NAVIGATE thru yet another set of GROWING PAINS! Ya know there is a quote that goes like this....

Today was a productive day. I finally kicked off LITE YOUR SOUL BIBLE STUDY group where WOMEN are invited to LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BIBLE and grow closer to our God - If you are anything like me, I didn't know where or how to start - I bought myself a new Bible and it was HARD TO UNDERSTAND - I share my religion journey in our Bible study group (it's free) and so much more as we GROW in our Faith and learn to put FAITH OVER OUR FEARS!

This is for anyone who just wants to learn more about HIM and increase their FAITH as we SHARE and bond over mom, friend and woman struggles TOGETHER - a safe place with zero judgment and tons of support! it's free!!! so invite who you want to start this new journey with you!

I won't get too much into it here incase that's not your JAM, but if it is - I invite you to join us here:


Now, why are we SPLITTIN' UP?? Well, as my coaching business grew - so did the amount of challenges and workouts! Not everyone wanted to do the same type of workouts at the same time so two years ago, I combined all of us together in THE FIT FACTORY OR THE ONLINE FIT CLUB for support and accountability!!

I realized that I have not been giving the QUALITY OF SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE that I like to bring with my passion to you based off of your individual needs and goals. Although most of our goals have shifted from when we started together - we still have to REASSESS OUR GOALS and make sure that the things we say YES TO IN LIFE are in alignment with our goals and moving the needle in the direction that we want it to go. If you are not sure what needle I'm referring to then it's probably time to RE-VAMP THAT VISION BOARD and get clarity so we know where we want to go and where we are headed and what it's going to take to get us there! This could be weight loss, a job, a new car, putting your child thru college, saving up money in your bank account, buying a piece of land - it could be anything but unless you lay the foundation - you will never get there without CLARITY - you have to have the VISION IN FRONT OF YOU - your WHY!!!!

WE WILL DIG DEEPER INTO THIS in each of our private groups based off of your specific needs, wants and desires - we are breaking up the COMBO group and making the private groups more intimate so we can feel comfortable sharing or journey together and getting closer to have a real connection!

If you are with me on this journey - you probably fall into ONE or more of my 3-FIT TEAMS!!!

BOOTY-BARRE 100 - if you take my Barre classes at BFF or Beau Chene (i'm on their sub list)

TEAM NOLA FIT - this is our TEAM BEACHBODY COACHING SQUAD (or client) - we SHAKE AND SPARKLE daily - we drink our sexy momma shakes (smoothies) to keep our health in check, we love to do laundry with the help of our UNICORN JUICE - we have a crew of HUBBY'S WHO ARE PART OF OUR DUDE-SQUAD and we workout daily!!!! Then we check in with each other and push each other to keep going even when it gets hard. IT'S NOT EASY but it's simple and IT WORKS to keep the POUNDS AT BAY!!!

TONE-N-10 - This is the Online Studio that combines EVERYTHING and gets you results when TIME IS A CHALLENGE for you. The workouts are instructed by me and we have a lot of fun tracking our progress for PRIZES AND REWARDS!! This is all found in our VIP MEMBER PORTAL at and for pennies a day - YOU GET A PERSONAL INSTRUCTOR IN YOUR BACK POCKET!!!! ME!!!! This portal has a kitchen with recipes and a tone of nutrition plans that you can change up whenever you feel your body needs to make a shift. There are NEW MONTHLY CHALLENGES to keep you plugging along with a full monthly calendar that ANYONE CAN DO FROM ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD!!

So, without making this BLOG POST TOO LONG - let's get you plugged into the GROUP OR GROUPS that will get you to your goals as we COACH EACH OTHER thru the challenges we ALL FACE in health and fitness!

Just click the links below ---associated with each photo to request to join. Please be sure to answer any and all questions once you get to the private group in order to be approved - we are double checking our roster and making changes!

Luv ya, xox, Heather





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