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Thank you so much for starting this journey with me. I am so excited to finally have my blog revamped and relaunched from my 2011 initial version! I jump started my blog again over 5 years ago after a 4 year hiatus.

Whatever you are involved in, you have to continue to wash, rinse and repeat - My blog is NO different. I love my GLITTER SQUAD - and I'm honored that you have subscribed to be a part of the Squad too!


This is something I truly love doing..... I absolutely love sharing, inspiring and motivating others. The best way I've found to be able to do this is through sharing my story and my personal journey.

This blog is a vital platform for us all to stay accountable. I'm the girl that needs to check off the boxes and make sure after I do something I say that I'm going to do - I DO IT and check it off and show my squad "I did it" - woo hoo! It keeps me on track and in line! And ON TRACK TO HIT MY GOALS! Do you do that too?

I'll be checking in DAILY with fitness updates, news, recipes, best practices, my fav trends, style & fashion, books, journals, figuring out social media, coaching, vacationing, DISNEY STUFF, decor, building a 6+ figure business online and the list goes on.

I'm so blessed to share my collection of best tips and tricks for a healthy, happy life. 

Whether you are just starting your journey or a veteran of my FIT GYM & FITFLIX guru..... I am so excited to get to know you better! Always feel free to comment on any post or even connect with me on Instagram , Facebook,  Email , Twitter ...etc. I'd love to chat and hear your story !!

To give you a bit of background on who I am and how I became so passionate about leading a healthy happy life. The story goes way back ---like 1993 but lets start again in 2017. Which was an incredible year. I was a Barre Instructor (still am and LOVE IT)..... hitting my late 40's and found that the things that USED TO BE WORKING were not anymore (in nutrition and weight control). I felt a bit fluffy and I was gaining more fat around my mid section than I ever had in my life. Places I never held on to fat were now holding on for dear life and I was struggling to shake it.

I had to MAKE A SHIFT - I knew that the NEW AGED ME, had to find a NEW SOLUTION to shake my body up again - the hormones were changing so I needed to as well.

I found a 3-day detox that changed my world forever - I jump started my metabolism again and i was feeling so much better. I didn't realize how LAZY-ish i had been feeling - how low energy I was moving around - and i surely didn't realize how much THE CITY I LOVE AND GREW UP IN - NEW ORLEANS - was a really hard place to eat clean in! We are forever surrounded by cocktails and celebrations - but I knew something had to change! So, I made a decision and DID JUST THAT - I STARTED SAYING "NO" to things that were not getting me to the goals that really meant a lot to me!

In that moment I made a decision. If I was going to do this it was going to be right ! "Go big or Go Home" I thought. So I got serious about the things I wanted. I got serious about how I wanted to feel and stopped making excuses. I just started moving in a new direction. Baby steps but every day I woke up with a choice to move forward toward the goals i set and the life I wanted. I wanted energy. I wanted to feel good. I wanted to lose 10 pounds of fluff, I wanted to SMILE AND BE HAPPY and feel GOOD AGAIN. Age is just a number - the older we get the more we have PUSH ourselves to GROW - AND NOT GET STUCK and too complacent.

I jumped into this new lifestyle not really knowing where the road would take me but I knew it felt GOOD- it made me very curious to see if I could do something new and different and I KNEW IT FELT RIGHT - i was challenging myself to get out of my own way. I smiled just knowing that I was making new choices to become the best possible version of myself. I probably looked like a kid on Christmas as I dove into all the mentoring, studying, training, personal development, journaling, note taking...I was so eager to LEARN IT ALL...... I was so excited. Mostly because I knew deep down things were about to change...and oh boy did they change !! For the Better!

I did my First workout program from home, winded and laughed at by my - we all laughed honestly at first. "Those things don't work" (meaning the workouts I was doing from our den) lol - I smile now thinking about how my hubby said "that's all fake transformation photos on there" lol - BOY WAS HE WRONG -

(He later got in on them too fyi--with major results btw)

Even though it was an epic fail (sorta at first) and I totally thought I was going to fall on the floor , I made it through (with a lot of stopping and a lot of whining & complaining). I didn't realize how OUT OF SHAPE my heart was - and how weak my little arms were - OMG. And Yes, I TEACH BARRE - say what!@#%^&

My husband definitely thought that would be my last workout but I persisted. I pressed play every single day and was loving thus new habit! I knew after 1 week, I could do it - just keep pressing.....just keep going! I knew I could do this - I just had to keep making the harder choice to just do it. And I did!

I started following the meal plan that came with the program and the results I saw in a such a short time were absolutely unreal!! This quickly became the NEW HEATHER. I had more energy, I was less stressed, I was stronger and happier and I was hooked!

After the 3 day detox and the 21 Day Fix, I jumped right into another program I had my eye on, 21 Day Fix Extreme -

21DF is what you call a soul mate workout for me. I found myself looking forward to it every morning. I was waking up early just to press play and get my sweat on!

I couldn't believe how far i'd come but I even more so I couldn't believe how much others were noticing ! I was inspiring people to make a change and didn't even realize it!

This was the most indescribably amazing feeling. I was loving the emails (I shared my journey on social) I was getting from people that I had apparently inspired to get started with 21DF and my super foods sexy momma smoothies......These people were unimaginably grateful and had completely changed their life because of these programs, just like me!

I know their transformations weren't completely due to me, obviously they committed to themselves and really stuck with it. But the concept that I even had a tiny tiny hand in their fate made me feel so incredible complete and whole..I was elated.

All I could think was .." Wow! If only could seriously do something like this and reach so many more people around the globe outside of my Barre Studio......this could be my true DREAM career."

That is when I realized how life changing it was to becoming a Coach.

I have helped countless people do exactly what I did!! I help them decide on am at-home workout program best suited to their goals and we get started! I have created a revolutionary online coaching platform for my customers to check in daily and find endless tips, tricks, meal plans and resources of all kinds.

I want you to feel amazing about yourself every single day of your life. I want you to wake up with a smile every morning and be excited to take on the day. I promise you will be confident in yourself, in your abilities and your actions you are taking to reach your desires.

I promise to push you to become a more energetic individual and help you reach your physical peek just like I did. We’ll focus on your daily routine, your fitness program and your diet to ensure you reach all of your fitness goals and truly meet your full mental & physical potential.

Let's do this together and get started now on getting you back on track to pushing towards your dreams!


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