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What is 10 Rounds: it's a new at home workout that can change everything! GlitterU

10 Rounds is my NEWEST program that i'm doing online, so that’s what I recommend new coaches and my VIP's start with…because it’s super popular, hot, and omg really freakin' effective! Boxing is currently THE most sought after workout style in gyms across the world, from celebrities to the mom next door, everyone is seeking out boxing classes it seems. I honestly didn't understand what all the hype was about. Being a BARRE INSTRUCTOR and pilates's really pushing myself out of my comfort zone but guess what? I'M LOVING IT SO MUCH. I am sore in areas of my core and upper body that I've never felt before. So this new workout from home program is the ultimate boxing program that creates the same experience and RESULTS but it's all done from the comfort of your own home!

But you won't just get this ONE workout program, you will actually get a FULL YEAR's access to MY entire FIT-FLIX as I call it. It's a full workout library with thousands of different workouts you will stream from anywhere (it's like the Netflix of workouts)! So you will never have to do the same program twice if you don't want to! There is YOGA, PILATES, BARRE, HIIT, low impact, high impact, 25 minute workouts and 1 hour workouts.

Learn all about the program and supplements here in this blog. I'm going to answer all of your questions incase you are like most of my clients who prefer to just click and get what they need verses chatting about all the options. The enrollment options are listed at the bottom of this page!

I am here as your PERSONAL ONLINE COACH if you do prefer to chat!



Can you believe these changes- in just 6 weeks?!

What is 10 ROUNDS?


6 weeks

30 minutes

5 workouts a week

3 boxing workouts and 2 lifting workouts a week

The boxing workouts are broken up into 10 rounds - 3 minutes each, focusing on punching combinations and footwork that progresses throughout the 6 weeks.

Joel will teach you how every move actually begins at your feet, moves up through your hips, uses your core, and explodes all the way through your fists. With every punch you use your entire body- scorching calories and toning.

This program is built around the simple and precise movements of boxing- without the impact! You won’t be using a sparring partner or hitting a heavy bag- instead you will train the way real boxers do- with shadowboxing!

The 3 boxing days are combined with conditioning drills that help build:




The two days of weightlifting workouts include:

Upper Body to build strength and power

Lower Body/Legs- since every punch starts at your feet

And of course, there is amazing music in every workout to help keep you moving and give you the energy to keep going!


Joel is one of my FAVORITE Super Trainers - he is SO nice and the energy that he brings is next level! From Core de Force to LIIFT4, I have been doing Joel programs for years now!

Joel has been in the industry for over 15 years as a trainer, manager of a gym and program creator. He has a passion for teaching that really helps you master proper form in his programs- ensuring amazing results. He loves to combine cardio and strength and is just so motivating!



Light, medium and heavy dumbbells for the lifting portion

12” Resistance Bands - included in your package!

Small towel


I will be hosting a virtual fit gym to motivate and support all the women (and a few good men) who join me!

The virtual fit club takes place in a private app, which allows you to log your workout and superfood shake each day, upload your progress photos, and track your measurements. So everything is done in one place and I can see what you are logging and keep you accountable and on track!I post every day (a fitness tip, wellness tip, recipes, motivation, etc.) and a daily "assignment" (ex. set a goal for the week, share a success, etc.).

THIS PART IS ONLY IF YOU WANT can do this alone but I recommend the FIT-GYM's more fun.

So in addition to the fitness component, we dig deep and work on the emotional aspects of the transformation too.

We all support each other and cheer one another on, so there's a great community and friendship aspect as well! The group and my 1:1 support is free. You just purchase your workout package (AKA FIT KIT) and superfood shakes {listed below}!


SHAKEOLOGY: Shakeology is unlike any other shake because it's made from over 70 whole superfoods from around the world. It will replace your vitamin and probiotic, fill you up, give you natural energy, and tastes delish! Plus it helps your hair, skin, and nails! And it has nothing artificial! It's literally what gets me out of bed in the morning and keeps me going.What sets it apart is that there are NO GMOs, soy, artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives! It's seriously delicious and improves your energy, digestion, cravings, hair, nails, and skin. The ingredients are sourced from all over the world and the Shakeology creators regularly visit the farmers to test the soil and ensure the best farming practices are being followed.

DO I HAVE TO DRINK THE SUPER FOODS SHAKES? Shakeology is required but the other supplements are optional, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I have been using ALL of them for the past few years (while pregnant and breastfeeding!) If you want the best results, go ALL IN!


COLLAGEN (shop here) The fountain of youth has been found! This potent (flavorless, colorless) collagen supplement is a high-quality collagen peptide powder that’s been shown to help increase skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and support healthy nails, and hair. Collagen works with another protein called elastin:

Collagen fills out your skin, while elastin helps your skin “snap back” when stretched. But starting at about 20 years old, your collagen levels begin to decline. My Collagen Boost is a high-quality collagen peptide powder that can help replenish your body’s collagen levels. I add one scoop to my Shake every day cause mama ain't trying to look her age! ;)


>ENERGIZE is the pretty yellow {or pink} drink that gives me LIFE! I call it my UNICORN JUICE OR GOGO JUICE because it is AH-MAZING! It gives me a great little energy boost without the jitters! It comes in Lemon (which tastes like a fruity lemonade) and Fruit Punch {which is literally the highlight of my day! It’s SOOO good!} I drink it before my workouts and mid-afternoon if I need a little energy boost {cause LIFE ain’t easy!}. Learn the science behind it here! shop here


>>BEACHBAR is it bad that I sometimes eat two of these a day?! Lol! I'm obsessed! I always have one at night as my "dessert" because it's something I can eat to satisfy my sweet tooth without feeling guilty! And sometimes I'll have one as an afternoon snack...because hey, it has protein! ;) They come in Peanut Butter Chocolate, Chocolate Cherry Almond, and Vegan Chocolate Almond.


>3 Day Refresh is a gentle reboot for your system that detoxifies it while kickstarting weight loss. The best part is that you get to EAT FOOD on this! It’s NOT some crazy juice cleanse! If you’re addicted to sugar or fried foods, this is a great way to kick the addiction and reset your palate while losing a few pounds (most people lose between 3 and 9 lbs in the 3 days). I’ve done it while breastfeeding (with modifications that I can provide) and while the 3 days aren’t the best days of my life, I always feel AH-MAZING afterwards! This is great to do at the beginning of January to start the year with a fresh slate! {Note: this comes with the Mega Challenge Pack - listed below - so I wanted to give a quick overview!} I DO THIS EVERY QUARTER!!! 4x a year! It's a great way to keep the healthy lifestyle on track.



***All packages include your Coach Account, Coach Online Office, my private training course, and my mentorship!*** this is not available to the public yet....

I have different options depending on whether you are NEW to MY ONLINE WORKOUTS or currently subscribe to FIT-FLIX! Read on!

For New Coaches or my new VIP CUSTOMERS that's you!!! (without FIT-FLIX or Shakeology): IF YOU ARE BRAND NEW THIS IS FOR YOU - YOUR CHOICES: As a coach and/or VIP CUSTOMER YOU GET 25% OFF - we can change this later on but it's the only way for you to grab this ONLINE BOXING for now. It's not open to the




I always recommend the Deluxe packages- especially with a program like this where you will be SORE.

Having Recover will help you function the next day (you know…walk down the steps, sit on the toilet, care for your children! Lol!)- and allow you to give your next workout 100%! And Energize- well I can’t live without it! 

I also highly recommend the MEGA pack this time! It is a great way to get everything you need- plus the Beachbars and a 3 Day Refresh.


If you don’t get the Deluxe or Mega Pack or want to know what I REALLY recommend, these are my favorite products (in order of preference) that will be on sale with your package.

Energize shop here

Collagen shop here

Beachbars shop here

Recover shop here

Hydrate shop here



I am so excited to welcome you to our team and help you live your BEST life!

FILL OUT APPLICATION HERE TO JOIN MY TEAM - IT'S A NO BRAINER - you get fit while being held accountable - it's about your HEALTH!!! Losing weight is a side perk!


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