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Our second IRL tone babe walking is gonna be here before we know it.

It's truly going to be filled with so much love.

Thank you to all the women who show up every dang day walking with our tone babes

and thank you to the incredible brands who partnered with TBW this year to make this possible as a free community event

- I still can’t believe this community continues to grow both in size and in love. What a magical thing to watch!!! Truly my best days are when we get to walk TOGETHER!

To celebrate the summer 25day first babe walk challenge & our 2nd IRL anniversary we’re giving away some of my fave tone babe walk essentials: To enter, go to the link in bio! + if you’re doing the challenge all posts with the tag #tonebabewalkchallenge will be an extra entry. But must also be signed up on link in bio! Winner will be announced in a few weeks #tonebabewalking #tbw #walkwithheather


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