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I get asked on the daily - what's in that drink you are always carrying around? Well, I'm sharing every ingredient (I also share this on my snapchat often at HummerDriver - but here goes - get your wallet ready and SNAG all the ingredients you're gonna need!!!

I gave up DIET COKES FEBRUARY 12, 2012 and I've never looked back. All of the FAKE CHEMICALS AND INGREDIENTS were playing a huge toll on my body and health!! Including my memory!!! It was horrible - I finally realized it was THE INGREDIENTS in my consumption of the horrible DEVIL FILLED FAKE SUGARY DRINK!!! Don't get me wrong, I loved diet cokes - especially the ones from MCDONALDS with the big fat straw and tons of ice!!!

I also stopped drinking ALCOHOL (yes, including martini's and wine) on September 14, 2017!!! Why? because I don't need it. I feel so much better without it. I have clarity, de-puff, and SOLID CONTROL over my emotions and LIFE CURVE BALLS. I think I was using it as a crutch and I simply have other tools I use so I just don't need it - and with this UNICORN JUICE AKA UNICORN CRACK - I still feel like the life of the party - I just don't need the extra calories and/or the hangover!! I feel 100% BETTER since I left that #### behind!

I've learned that our only friend is WATER - WATER AND MORE WATER!! Want to improve your sleep, and over all health? DRINK MORE WATER and I don't mean just fill up a big jug - I mean track your consumption!! CLEAR PLAIN WATER - not tea or coffee either - those do not count as water intake btw!!

Ok, now for the supplement I found and MADE UP that refreshes me mind, body and soul - shoot, I even use it as MOM/WIFE JUICE WHEN I have to do laundry - no lie!!!

It's helps me focus and it pushes me thru long days without having to worry about what i'm putting in my system. It is absolutely my favorite drink on the planet and it even took the place of alcohol on New Year's Eve!!! I gave everyone a shot of UNICORN JUICE and we toasted - they loved it and we were all happy go luck - imagine that!! Ok, we had about 5 shots of Unicorn Juice (aka Unicorn crack) but it is def way better than the other ALCOHOLIC OPTIONS FOR OUR HEALTH BENEFIT so - CHEERS !!!!!

I love this drink so much, i cannot and will not go a day without at least one shaker cup full of it! It is my companion, my life saver, my healthy option to everything else on the market and the stimulant is green tea.

There are so many reasons I love it - I often don't like sharing my recipe in fear of being so super scared that they'll sell out and I would flip if that ever happened!!!

But, I love ya so I'm here to share - IF FOR SOME REASON THE LINKS ARE NOT WORKING- HIT THE REFRESH BUTTON - i've reported the glitch to my website company - !!!!

Now, get that wallet out and let's do some STOCKING UP so you can get hooked too!!

UNICORN JUICE PRE-WORKOUT: all links are clickable to shop!!

16 oz cold water MY FAVORITE WATER HERE

full shaker cup of ice (THIS PINK IS THE CUTEST)

Frother to blend it perfectly every time


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