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Who's Ready to Get Moving? Booty Kickin' Fitness: Virtually

Who's ready to get moving?

It can be physically AND/OR MENTALLY! Join me in my VIRTUAL FIT GYM anytime, any day, any way you WANT! I've got sooooo many options for you to choose from these next couple of weeks. I'll keep this short so you can decide and get your MOVE on friend!

No more saying, "I should" or "I want to" - LET'S FREAKING DO IT. MAKE SOMETHING CHANGE NOW. What are you waiting for?

NOW IS THE BEST TIME - IT'S GOD'S GIVEN BLESSING for us to really dial into a special ROUTINE and get ourselves feeling GREAT AGAIN!

Ok, so I understand being a fitness instructor for over 25+ years that everyone's STYLE AND JAM is very unique - that's why I wanted to send you this personalized MENU to choose what's right for you IN THIS SEASON!

I cannot wait to see you - however and wherever that may be! I'm cheering for you friend! IN A BIG HEATHER STYLE WAY!!!

So, come get your MOVE AND GROOVE ON with me - let's decide when and where and what style is best for you!!

1. Online Virtual Coaching Consultation: This is something NEW i've been doing with clients to actually TALK IT OUT 1:1 and come up with a plan, style, routine, strategy and program that fits your personal needs. Some people don't like to be in a GROUP SETTING be it online or at the gym and I totally get that!! This option is for anyone who is truly ready to have something drawn out, customized for YOU and willing to actually stick with it - atleast for 7 days with full commitment and CHECK-INS with me as your virtual coach! The consult takes about 15-20 minutes and your investment is just $10 - it can be booked online or via email and you decide when and how we chat! I'll simply ask you some questions and then I'll come up with 2 options for you to choose from and we move forward with baby steps from there! SOUND LIKE A PLAN?



2. Mindset Matters Online Series! GOING ON NOW!!!

The LIVE SERIES officially begins April 13th but don't can do this series on your own time if you missed the kick off date! It's a "series to help YOU" with total mindset and why Mindset REALLY Matters: "With the right daily mindset, focus and habits, you can shape an extraordinary quality of life and contribute at world-class levels way beyond anyone's expectations" ---B. Burchard Before we can begin anything (a new weight loss routine, a new workout program, a new reset for life, a new job, starting your own business, whatever that looks like for YOU) we have to know our true meaning of WHY and WHY is that going to be WHAT LIGHTS MY SOUL UP to find my passion and purpose in live RIGHT NOW in this moment. And then when those times get tough, we come back to these 10 things that we've learned for a REMINDER OF WHY WE STARTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. It's FREE FOR NOW but will go into a paid service this summer so catch it while it's FREE!!!!

In this series, we will cover the starting tools to achieve high performance habits. 1. Defining High Performance 2. Gauge how you are performing in the major areas & habits of your life 3. Whole life assessment 4. Habits assessment 5. Morning Mindset (10 things) 6. Daily Top 3 Goals/priorities - every day 7. Evening Journal (6 things) 8. Daily habits scorecard (6 things rate 1 to 5) 9. Weekly life review (10 things) 10. Weekly learning review (5 things)


3. ONline virtual BARRE LIVE CLASSES - Join me LIVE from my GARAGE STUDIO.... during this crazy time - I knew we'd like a way to stay consistent with our regular Tues/Thursday BARRE WORKOUTS---- Members of the studio where I normally teach are FREE TO JOIN OF COURSE but there is also a $10/guest fee option that will get you a FULL WEEK (total of 4 barre workouts) to join us if you'd like. You'll have to book each week you want to join in. SO MUCH FUN!!!! WE GET OUR SWEAT & BURN ON@!! Easy workouts for every level.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 12Noon & 4pm

You do the workout LIVE WITH ME from wherever you are and you can be in your jammies if you need to!

option 1: BFF studio members book here: members only

option 2: GUESTS You can book this online here: YES BOOK IT - I'LL BE THERE TODAY!!!! -

Come get sweaty!!! and dance with us!!


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