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Why Committing to Inner Work Is Vital. it's time for you to tone & shine!

It’s time for you to shine bright!!

Whether you’ve been moving with Heather for years or are just beginning your journey, we have new opportunities to support you achieving your best health in the new year.

Move Your Body, Empower Yourself

I believe everyone benefits from practicing mindful movement that prioritizes and encourages your emotional and mental well-being. That’s why I’m so passionate about the TONE ONLINE STUDIO.

I recognized a giant hole in the wellness industry years ago. Before quarantine, nobody really personalized online group fitness...........

No one had crafted anything deeply research-based for the whole body...and made it a personal setting to feel like you're in a LIVE CLASS WITH ME!

“My TONE ONLINE STUDIO PROGRAMS & MethodS get you into that SIMPLE HABIT of moving, where it’s not just ANOTHER DREADED WORKOUT, but is carefully crafted WITH


I’m so excited for you to take the step towards empowering yourself with mindful movement. It’s my life’s work to equip you with everything you need to feel better, BE HAPPIER, SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF, and reconnect with your muscles/body/health.

The spotlight is now on you. How will you choose to shine bright?

Wishing you a healthy and bright new year,




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