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why I went back to SnapChat?

WHY I WENT BACK TO SNAPCHAT? . . . I started hanging out on Snappy Snap when my boys were little and I had to monitor what they were up to and who they were connecting with. I fell in love with the filters and I found it A HAPPY PLACE to actually connect with people and feel like you are a part of their world/daily life. I recently got caught up in the BATTLE OF THE PLATFORMS and felt like I wanted to just throw my phone in the lake! I took a step back---I took a break and decided I wanted to hang out with people online in the places that actually were SOCIAL and filled my heart with happiness - I don't like to post and feel like it's about the LIKES or the HEARTS or the SHARES! WE ARE NOT defined by the number of friends we have online or the number of likes a single post gets.

. . Yes, I run my fitness business online - but I also share fitness IN REAL LIFE! I teach Barre and I am a Group Fitness Director at my favorite gym on the planet! I'm re-designing my relationship with ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS....... I share health and fitness in hopes of HELPING AND INSPIRING OTHERS OF ALL AGES TO MOVE THEIR BODIES! I hope to help women (and a few good men) of all ages learn to have a healthier LIFESTYLE and make time to PUT HEALTH FIRST... now, if you want to connect and really get to know me better, I invite you to hang out with me on Snappy Snap (aka snapchat) and let's LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST - I share my good days and my not so good days over'll see my puppies and some of my fam although they rather not be on social much at all.....I respect that 100%!! I've stopped scrolling as much and just having FUN BEING ME WITH THE ONES I CARE ABOUT! and who care about what I have going on.....

xoxo , Heather

PS---I'll post in my normal spots on social but I just don't HANG OUT ON THE FEEDS AND SCROLL FOR HOURS ON IN....... the algorithms don't show me all of my friends any hoot so I'll play the game the way I want to! Escape the SCROLL...... LIVE YOUR LIFE to the fullest and be sure to subscribe over at so you don't miss anything! I will always post there and pop up in your inbox - it's so much more personal!

Add me on Snapchat! Username: hummerdriver


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