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You are the FIRST to know! You are personally invited to workout with me DAILY!! let's get tone!

Here's a TEASER CLIP of the schedule I've put together for you to make IT EASY to catch a :10 minute workout/exercise snippet with me on the DAILY!


I shared 3 of these sessions with my FIRST ONLINE CLIENTS today as a THANK YOU in the lead up to the official launch this Sunday, May 3rd!!!


The biggest issue most of us have is finding the TIME TO INVEST IN our health & fitness! Well, I've got you - we will start with :10 minute BEGINNER LEVEL workouts that you can REPLAYwhen you want - do them 1-2 or 3x (you decide based on your mood, level and time)! These workouts get more intense as you get stronger and LEVEL UP.


TONE:N:10 combines feel good workouts with positive mindset practices to help you establish a healthy daily habit and establish consistency in your routine - I SHOW UP FOR YOU - you show up for YOU! If you simply do the easy to follow schedule I've laid out for you (and use your weekly tracker that is included, you can earn points that can be redeemed for prizes & rewards ( you know i'm all about the rewards )!!!!


With lockdown being prolonged, how are you planning to look after your mental and physical wellbeing over the next few weeks? Come workout with me DAILY! NEW workout posted in our private TONE online studio.

Find out more by clicking here


oh, PS - we've opened PRE-REGISTRATION so the online studio is OPEN if you want to come try it out! Tomorrow morning WE WORK OUR ARMS!!


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