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you have to read the text i just got...

HEATH!!!!!! OMG!!!! I'm down 8 pounds in 15 days and I invited my friend to do this with me as a TONE ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER!!! WHY DID I WAIT SO DANG LONG TO START THIS - This is amazing!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! . . Real life TEXT I received today as I was leaving my BARRE CLASS from a real life super busy working TEACHER FRIEND AND MOM who decided to invest in TONE 10 minute workouts that quickly grew to 30 minute workouts for her because she loved the way she felt after the WORKOUTS SO MUCH!! . It's EVERYTHING TO ME - and so very exciting when I get these types of messages - SHE IS SO EXCITED AS SHE SHOULD BE! It doesn't have to be hard. We take ONE DAY AT A TIME - the only thing you have to do is SHOW UP WITH YOUR LAPTOP - and move your body - that's it! I've got it all laid out for you to follow, what you should be eating, teaching you everything that works with a FEW TONE SUPER-POWER SECRETS to take with you in your every day life to sustain this FIT-LIFESTYLE FOREVER - no more roller coaster, no more YO-YO! - Learn more at, we have a spot for you!


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