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Your purpose. Listen & Learn from it all. Luv you, Heather

Good Morning! This is not a planned post at all!

.....I haven't been posting on social media too much lately with the exception of my Barre classes, Online Studio and nutrition groups that I am truly VESTED IN and for the people I am responsible for supporting!

I just feel like "writing" and journaling is the way that I have always worked thru things...and just get things off of my chest & out of my head.......I felt called to share the things weighing on me and I feel like many others are dealing with the same - Here we are with something NEW in 2020 - something else that we have to digest and go thru. For me, it's taken a lot. I've had a lot of self reflection moments..moments of disappointment - trying to protect my family, time to LEARN and LISTEN. Trying to understand it all. It's all very important and necessary. I wanted to check in on YOU and see how you are doing and how you are feeling? ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!! I find it helpful to hear how others are coping and responding..... What a hell of a year so far. I honestly feel sooooo OFF TRACK. I feel like nobody really knows how to navigate ALL OF THIS. Are we still in Phase I of social distancing? Are the numbers still ON THE RISE?! People are hurting. I know I personally am just NOT REALLY SURE ....... this year is just so unique. I want to work. I want to stay focussed on THE GOALS we have set forth......but I am feeling so RUN DOWN. I don't feel creative.....I'm not even sure what to work on. It all HIT ME yesterday! I don't want to GET IT WRONG. I don't want to SAY THE WRONG THING. I don't want to #### it up. THE VIRUS, OUR JOBS, how to show up to support, OUR HEALTH, our safety, our weather, OUR INCOME, OUR FRIENDS, our neighbors, our country, our PLANET...... WHAT IS GOING ON ?! One thing after another....I do not think GOD is testing us or punishing us. MY FAITH IS everything!! These things are happening for a bigger reason, I truly believe that. My best advice is to "LISTEN - ASK QUESTIONS - LEARN - EDUCATE YOURSELF" Also, give yourself some grace. If you are still spinning your wheels, running a rat race.....Stop what you are doing. STOP - IT'S NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL RIGHT NOW. IT'S NOT. Give yourself some permission to SLOW DOWN. Give yourself some grace to STOP FOR A MOMENT. WE ARE HUMAN. When things of this GRAVITY happen to ALL OF US - it would be STRANGE for us NOT to feel NEGATIVE EMOTIONS right now. It won't be like this forever. For now. Embrace the TIME TO PRESS PAUSE. Allow yourself to do what you need to do in order to FEEL that you are ready to step forward. IT'S NORMAL TO FEEL DRAINED and worn down. It would be not normal to not feel this way. In order to LEARN and take care of yourself - you've got to reflect. Get quiet with your thoughts. Don't punish yourself. Don't beat yourself up. EVERYTHING STARTS AT HOME. Even if you feel like you want to make a HUGE IMPACT ON THE WORLD, that's wonderful but you've got to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, your family starts at HOME FIRST! Last night, I literally beat myself up on the inside. I let my mind and emotions internally impact myself pretty bad. I have been feeling very down and worn out. I hit one of my lowest moments OF ALL OF THIS.... and it's just heavy. Moving forward, I can only recommend what I am doing to help me thru some of this .... I've never experienced anything like this in my LIFE!

1. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT LISTEN TO SAD DEPRESSING MUSIC - NO NO NO!!!! (side note: Country music is not your friend right now!) 2. It is ok, to not be tied to WORK 10+ hours a day. 3. Be intentional about learning about the things you want to learn about. EDUCATE YOURSELF. LEARN. Do some inside work. LEARN AND BE OPEN TO LEARNING. 4. How can you support? This is very personal and only you can find what you are drawn to. 5. Pause a moment. Get educated. 6. GIVE YOURSELF GRACE TO DECOMPRESS, step away from media, unplug, dive into something good for your MIND, BODY & SOUL. 7. Use this time to SLOW DOWN and reconnect with WHO YOU ARE, reflect and really dig deep to figure out what you want for YOUR LIFE! 8. WHAT TYPE OF PERSON do you want to be? 9. FEEL the emotions and go thru them. You'll always come out BETTER on the other side. 10. Encourage your family to UNPLUG. Stop letting the SOCIAL MEDIA INPUT - IMPACT you. ----------

I try very hard to STAY IN MY OWN LANE. I try to live life to the fullest and strive to become the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF possible every single day. I try to stay focussed on goals that KEEP ME SHOWING UP daily to fulfill my PASSION & PURPOSE for HIM. Everyday I try to be a little better than I was the day before. ---------- There is this quote ... "I'm too busy watering my own grass to notice if yours is any greener" - remember, what consumes your mind controls your life. It's time to get alone with GOD and just LISTEN. WRITE your dreams on paper and then start taking ACTION. and pray. xoxo

Luv, Heather


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