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At first I was not even realizing that I needed A PLAN in my life. At first I didn't even know that I COULD MANAGE MY HEAD from spinning all the time and feeling like I NEVER HAD ENOUGH TIME ..... . At first, I would ask myself "where the #### did my day go?" . I didn't have time to WRITE THINGS DOWN, OR EVEN MAKE A DANG LIST - i was lucky to even get through the laundry some days. . UNTIL, I started practicing and allowing myself to understand that EVERYTHING AT FIRST SEEMS HARD BECAUSE IT'S CHANGE and it's different. . Practice may not ever lead to PERFECT but progress is always better than perfection. Perfection is actually procrastination and I knew I needed to GET A HANDLE on the stress, anxiety and overwhelm I felt spinning in my head which led to even more stress, anxiety and overwhelm. . I needed A SIMPLE DAILY BEST FRIEND OF A NOTEBOOK to keep my HEAD IN CHECK and my days making PROGRESS OF SOME SORT. . There have been MANY FIRSTS in my life as I know there have also been in yours - what's super cool is WE HAVE TO POWER TO DECIDE to MAKE A CHANGE and take control of our TIME. Only WE HAVE the power to manage our TIME like we do our MONEY. It's TRULY THAT EASY. This SUMMER TO DO LIST and/or BRAIN DUMP notebook is a MUST HAVE if you are a WOMAN who feels anxiety, stress & overwhelm - if you feel your days are slipping by so super fast that you just cannot keep up. . I've put together a full page for your BRAIN DUMP - we start there. To stop the spinning in our brains, to stop the rat-race of overwhelm. Get it all out on paper. Then we make our TO-DO LIST for the day - ONLY 3 THINGS - THAT'S IT. Anything over that is BONUS! SCORE! and there is a page of sticky notes (that STICK because they are the random reminders - that we need to REMEMBER during the day) it's called RANDOM THOUGHTS and this alone will change your life. I take my SUMMER DO DO LIST NOTEBOOK with me everywhere I GO - it fits in my purse, gym bag handbag, beach bag, car, desk, everywhere - even travel with it! . It's on AMAZON and BN.COM today! Be sure to DM me if you get yourself one - and let me know if it changes your LIFE TOO! xo, H

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