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How is it that we are already going into our 7th chapter of 2022? - I feel like I just created our June 30 day challenge and here we are on our LAST DAY of our BIKINI BOOTYCAMP challenge rolling right into our SUMMER FIT JULY 31 DAY CHALLENGE!!! . Oh boy oh boy! Ask yourself how things have changed or challenged you. What is different today for you than it was for you on June 1st? .

Ahhh the NEXT SUMMER FIT CHALLENGE in the online virtual studio starts Friday July 1st Are you in?! Get ready to feel that SUMMER TONED BODY in 31 Days!

To join the Challenge:

1. Click on the link right here: (more info and details)

2. Join the Private Facebook Group: I'll send you an email after you do step #1.

3. Login, click on ‘Summer Monthly Challenge’ and start the challenge with us July 1st!

4. Check out the extra monthly resource guide by clicking on ‘Download Guide’ inside of your member portal once you've joined.

5. Have fun and crush your RESULTS!! Use the #ToneN10 in your posts!

Fired up to do this will you. Plus we have a LIVE chat inside of our private FB group to kick off the new month

Let’s do this!! xo Love, Heather



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