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clean week guide

let's try out what a clean week of eating and exercise feels like with heather

step 1 getting started

after you've received your kit

now that you've made the decision to make a CHANGE in your life with eating and exercise, it's time to break out a notebook and start to make a real plan.  in order to be successful this time, its got to be different from all the OTHER times.  i'm here to make sure this time is different.  no more roller coasters.  that game just ended!  we are here to make changes in our mindset (where all changes happen first).  you will learn to look at food in a different manner that will stick forever if you choose to do so.  if nothing changes in your mind and with your choices, then nothing changes.  let's get started!  you will start buy ordering your starter kit of clean week.  choose either regular flavor veggie shakes or vegan using the buttons above.  once you've done that, you're all set!  you will automatically have access to my online workout plan for the week ahead.  even though your veggie superfoods aren't even here yet, you can start today, right not by getting into some workout clothes and clearing a space in your garage, den or bedroom for you to "press play" - ready?? let's do this!!  


step 2 download your program guide for your week ahead

download pdf here: --------->

step 3 download your nutrition guide and read thru it

download your eating plan here: ---------->

welcome to clean week -

let's get started

Clean Week is a great way to start your health and fitness journey. During our week together, you’ll get a taste of what it takes to achieve real results by working out daily, fueling your body with the right nutrition, drinking my veggie shakes and holding each other accountable.

While this clean journey is only 7 days, I promise you that as you realize how easy it is to make these healthy changes—and how good you feel—you won’t want to stop! I hope you’ll want to continue getting results—and keeping them—by adopting an ongoing healthy lifestyle, including healthy nutrition, fitness, and support.

Meal prep is definitely one of your biggest tools for a successful Clean Week. Like the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

 t’s important that you’re ready to fuel your body the right way. Here’s how to prepare:

  1. Clear any junk foods or snack foods from the main parts of your pantry. If you have kids who eat snack foods, keep the foods in one spot in your pantry that’s reserved just for them. (Don’t worry, my veggie shakes can help you curb those junk-food cravings!)*

  2. Read the Clean Week Meal Planner and create your Clean Week menu.

  3. Go grocery shopping. (Don’t forget the ingredients for the superfoods recipes you want to try!)

  4. Do your meal prep now so you’re ready for the entire week—it really helps you stay on track.

By preparing as much food as possible, in advance, you can minimize your cooking during the week. So if you’re planning to enjoy the same recipe several times during the week, just multiply the ingredients in the recipe by that number and make it all at once.

heather's clean week checklist


__Review your program materials
__Schedule your workouts
__Find your workout space
__Get a set of dumbbells 
__Set your goals (short term and long)
__Take your "before" photos and record your measurements
__Remove all junk foods from your kitchen
__Do your meal prep—it’s so important to your success this week!

Remember, before you make it a lifestyle, you only need to make it through this week. And we are going to CRUSH IT!

what's next??

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