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"Dear Fitness, Exercise & Workout Stress, Overload &'s not ME, it's YOU and it's OVER!

Get IDEAS that work in order to get motivated to start your Fitness Journey (& stick with it this time)

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I'm Ready to Unlock the Secret Motivation Tools for just $27

Millions of people give up on their fitness journey every single day

Ready to Unlock the Ways to Get Back on Track?

This Is For The Person Who wishes to Stop Wasting Time,

Stop Wasting Money and Stop the Frustration  

It’s time to stop wondering how others are staying on track, staying focussed and getting the results they've always wanted.   You can do it, you just need the right tools for your SEASON!


Read on for an important message about getting Motivation :101... to get laser focussed, and start to feel confident.

I know exactly how to get the results and motivation you want....

I've done it.  I'm no longer jumping all over the place, program to program, quitting on myself and I'm on a mission to help others just like you!

I was tired of giving up and starting over or not starting at all.  I just didn't feel like doing it and tomorrow never came...."I'll start Monday....blah blah blah"

And then....when the motivation finally kicks in, BAM - it lasts about a week tops...then back to the old habits and it's a vicious cycle!  But WHY?  I saw people all around me sticking with a plan or a program that was getting them the results that they wanted, but how were they so disciplined in showing up every day and I just didn't have the drive? Maybe you can relate?!

I almost gave up too, until one day I recognized a pattern

Just like the annual weather seasons, my motivation and focus had seasons of different highs and lows.


Sometimes it was contemplating how or where to get started and other times it was falling back into old bad lax habits...


That’s when I had a I was coaching clients and my team along thru some bumps...I noticed they (like me) all were on this roller coaster ride of fitness peaks and valleys in consistency, focus and motivation.

Could I apply the idea of “seasons” to my FITNESS motivation...… and consistently show up in a way that was aligned with the season that I was currently in?


I put my MOTIVATION MAGIC to the test, and it worked like a charm


Contemplation? Determination? Action?


Check. ✔️ 

Check. ✔️ 

Check. ✔️ 



-Tools to push thru the "Coasting Season": When you are just rolling with the punches in life and letting life dictate your path. 

-Tools to help you find the Motivation you need when you just don't have any.  We all need momentum and want happiness.  Life throws us curve balls that can lead to feeling down and in a rut, you'll HAVE

tools you can use to get back up QUICKLY! 

-Tools to help you break down the OVERWHELM Season into bite size chunks you can handle

-A full PLAN for your DETERMINED, "I'M ALL IN" Season

I'm Ready to Unlock the Secret Motivation Tools for just $27
secret fitness motivation 101.png

What's Inside Fitness Motivation :101?

In a Nutshell You're Getting:

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